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TBRS Submaximal Exercise Test


We have validated the TBRS Submaximal Exercise Test to predict peak oxygen consumption (peak VO2), a common measure of aerobic fitness. For the TBRS Submaximal Exercise Test, you will need the following items:

  • Recumbent stepper (NuStep, T5XR),
  • Heart rate monitor,
  • Rate of Perceived Exertion scale,
  • Blood pressure cuff

The following video provides all the information you need to perform your first TBRS Submaximal Exercise Test.

After completing the TBRS Submaximal Exercise Test, you can use our convenient calculator to determine the predicted peak VO2.


Exercise intensity can be prescribed as a percentage of maximal heart rate (HRmax) or as a percentage of peak workload. You can use the TBRS Submaximal Exercise Test results to estimate the peak power output and prescribe exercise as a percentage of workload. The following video demonstrates using the calculator to determine the peak power output.

Resources for TBRS Submaximal Exercise Test

The following downloads and resources are provided to help you conduct the test on your patients or study participants:

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