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Participate in a REACH Lab study

Participate in REACH laboratory studies, help researchers understand how heart health affects our brain.

Our goal in the REACH laboratory is to understand the cardiovascular adaptations leading to chronic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke.

We use non-invasive methods to study the heart, lungs, brain and vascular system. Through a better understanding of the cellular processes modulating vascular function in individuals with disease, we can explore the possibility that exercise interventions can improve vascular health.

Using data acquired during its projects, the REACH laboratory team is developing effective exercise interventions that maximize cardiovascular health in people with and without disease.

Moderate-Intensity Exercise Versus High-Intensity Interval Training to Recover Walking Post-Stroke

Patients having a stroke that affected their walking speed or endurance.

The REACH lab enrolled participants for the HIT-Stroke Trial research study to compare different types of walking exercises for improving walking ability and fitness.

Eligible participants received mobility testing, aerobic fitness testing and up to 36 walking exercise training sessions with a physical therapist at no cost, plus financial compensation for each of four testing visits.


  • Ages 40-to-80 years old
  • Able to walk short distances, using a brace and cane if needed
  • Had a stroke between six months to five years ago

This study is currently closed for enrollment.

For more information please contact the lab at

Assessing Cerebral Brain Blood Flow and Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound (ACERT) Database

Join the ACERT database to help us better understand brain blood flow at rest and during exercise across the lifespan.

How do I qualify to join the ACERT database?

  • You are a healthy individual between the ages of 20-85
  • You are willing to travel to KU Medical Center for one visit to the REACH Laboratory
  • You are willing to exercise at three exercise intensities

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the lab at

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