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Neuromuscular Research

We're dedicated to improving the lives of people with neuromuscular diseases through innovative research.

The Myositis Association Myositis Research Webinar
Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM),  Dr. Mazen Dimachkie, Professor of Neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, discusses his team's research and answers questions about IBM, October 12, 2023. View a recording of the Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) webinar below, or on YouTube.

We are one of the largest neuromuscular research clinical trials unit in North America thanks to our intense, concerted focus and collaboration locally, nationally and internationally on a wide variety of neuromuscular research studies.

Our goals are to better understand the natural history of the disease, improve knowledge of disease biomarkers, and to translate research advances into improved diagnoses, care, and educational resources for neuromuscular patients. We believe our approach will ultimately lead to enhancing the lives of people with neuromuscular diseases.

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