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Neurology honors graduating residents and fellows

The department recognized seven residents and five fellows during a June 18 graduation celebration.

Image of 2021 graduating Neurology residents
2021 graduating residents (left to right): Nicholas Doher, D.O., Shweta Goswami, M.D., Vishal Saini, D.O., Aisha Diawara, M.D., Srijan Adhikari, MBBS, Michael Bellew, M.D., MBA, Ryan Lay, M.D.

The Department of Neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center honored graduating residents and fellows during a June 18 ceremony.

Seven residents and five fellows were recognized during the celebration at Lake Quivira Country Club in Lake Quivira, Kansas.

The department honored the following residents:

  • Srijan Adhikari, MBBS
  • Michael Bellew, M.D., MBA
  • Shweta Goswami, M.D.
  • Aisha Diawara, M.D.
  • Nicholas Doher, D.O.
  • Ryan Lay, M.D.
  • Vishal Saini, D.O.

The following fellows were recognized:

  • Tiffany Barkley, D.O. (Vascular Neurology)
  • Mark Farrenburg, M.D. (Epilepsy)
  • Timothy Fullam, M.D. (Neuromuscular Medicine)
  • Nathan McGraw, M.D. (Neuromuscular Medicine)
  • Mohammed Rahman, M.D. (Clinical Neurophysiology)

"As another member of the faculty, Dr. Mazen Dimachkie, stated, this is a lot of work, and the people that know this best, are not just the people who graduated. There are the loved ones, family members, spouses and children. I want to take time to acknowledge all of your support that you gave your graduates. They couldn't have done it without you," said Gary S. Gronseth, M.D., chair of the department, during congratulatory remarks. "On a personal note, there's a proud feeling that the parents, spouses and children have for the graduates. My grandson, who just turned 1-year-old, just started to walk. It's great, right? That feeling is exactly the feeling that your parents and loved ones have about your accomplishments, and it's exactly the feeling that the faculty has, so congratulations."

In addition to honoring graduates, the department took time to recognize the winners of its Research Day.

  • Gloria Ortiz-Guerrero, M.D., PGY-2 (Mentor: Carol Ulloa, M.D)
  • Mai Yamakawa, M.D., PGY-3 (Mentor: Jeffrey Statland, M.D.)
  • Shweta Goswami, M.D., PGY-4 (Mentor: Michael Abraham, M.D.)
  • Vishal Saini, M.D., PGY-4 (Mentor: Deetra Ford, M.D.)
  • Tim Fullam, M.D., Neuromuscular Medicine Fellow (Mentor: Jeffrey Statland, M.D.)

As part of Research Day, a long-running annual tradition in the department, residents and fellows present research projects they developed in collaboration with faculty mentors. One resident from each postgraduate year and a fellow are chosen for the best project and presentation. Each winner was presented with a framed certificate.

The department also announced Kyle Dack, M.D., and Daniah Shamim, M.D., as chief residents for the 2021-22 academic year.

Image of 2021 graduating Neurology fellows

Graduating fellows (left to right): Nathan McGraw, M.D. (Neuromuscular Medicine),
Mohammed Rahman, M.D. (Clinical Neurophysiology), Timothy Fullam, M.D. (Neuromuscular Medicine), Tiffany Barkley, D.O. (Vascular Neurology), Mark Farrenburg, M.D. (Epilepsy)

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