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Multidisciplinary Symposium Increases Awareness and Understanding of Amyloidosis

The KU Medical Center Department of Neurology hosted the symposium on December 2, 2023

Multidisciplinary Amyloid Symposium at KU Medical Center

A multidisciplinary team from the University of Kansas Medical Center and The University of Kansas Health System presented a symposium on December 2 that increased awareness and understanding of new aspects of amyloidosis that haven’t previously been well know. The Multidisciplinary Amyloid Symposium provided cutting edge medical news to the 81 medical professionals from Kansas City, across the U.S and from Buldhana, India.

“This is the first multidisciplinary symposium on Amyloidosis at KU,” said Mamatha Pasnoor, MD, a professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Pasnoor reports it is important to raise the awareness of health care workers on the clinical effects of amyloid on various organ systems. “There are various new diagnostic tests and therapies now available to treat patients with amyloidosis which can be fatal if not identified early on and knowing this would greatly improve patient care,” she noted. “As amyloid affects various organs it is important for physicians in various specialties to work together as a team to identify and manage these conditions.”

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