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S J. Enna, Ph.D.

S J. Enna
Emeritus Professor

Professional Background

Emeritus Professor
University of Missouri Kansas City, 1970

Research Interest

Brain neurotransmitter receptors

Research Description

Research in my laboratory was aimed at defining the molecular, biochemical and pharmacological properties of brain receptors, particularly those associated with amino acid neurotransmitters. In recent years emphasis was on examining the regulation, expression and function of γ-aminobutyric acid B (GABA B) receptors in brain. Besides providing new information on the role of this receptor in the response to physiological and pharmacological manipulations, these studies provided new insights into the genomic and nongenomic regulation of this heterodimeric, G protein-coupled receptor.

Selected Recent Publications

Enna, S.J. and Williams, M. Challenges in the Search for Drugs to Treat Central Nervous System Disorders. J. Pharmacol. Exptl. Therap., 329:1-8, 2009.

Enna, S.J. and Williams, M. Defining the Role of Pharmacology in the Emerging World of Translational Research. In: Contemporary Aspects of Biomedical Research: Drug Discovery. Advances in Pharmacology (S.J. Enna and M.J. Williams, eds), pp. 1-30, Academic Press, New York, 2009.

Obaidat, A., Weiss J., Wahlgren, B., Manam, R.R., Macheria, V.R., McArthur, K., Chao, T., Palladino, M.A., Lloyd, K.G., Potts, B.C., Enna, S.J., Neuteboom, S., and Hagenbuch, B. Proteasome Regulator Marizomib (NPI-0052) Exhibits Prolonged Inhibition, Attenuated Efflux, and Greater Cytotoxicity than Its Reversible Analogs. J. Pharmacol. Exptl. Therap. 337:479-486, 2011.

Ghose, S., Winter, M.K., McCarson, K.E., Tamminga, C.A., and Enna, S.J. The GABA-B Receptor as a Target for Antidepressant Drug Action. Br. J. Pharmacol. 162:1-17, 2011.

Enna, S.J. A Legacy of Discovery: From Monoamines to GABA. Neuropharmacology 60:1050-1057, 2011.

Williams, J., and Enna, S.J. Prospects for Neurodegenerative and Psychiatric Disorder Drug Discovery. Expert Opin. Drug Discovery 6:457-463, 2011.

Enna, S.J. Extrasynaptic Site of Action for γ-Hydroxybutyrate. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 109:13142-13143, 2012.

Enna, S.J., and Bowery, N.G. GABA-B Receptor. In: The Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry (W.J. Lennarz and M.D. Lane, eds), Vol. 2, pp. 351-353, Academic Press, New York, 2013.

Enna, S.J., and Norton, S. Herbal Supplements and the Brain. FT Press, New York, 252 pp., 2012   McCarson, K.E., and Enna, S.J. GABA Pharmacology: The Search for Analgesics. Neurochemical Research, 39:1948-1963, 2014.

Rudolph, U. and Enna, S.J.: A Tribute to Hanns Mohler, in Diversity and Function of GABA Receptors: A Tribute to Hanns Mohler, Advances in Pharmacology, volumes 72 and 73, U. Rudolph (Volume Editor) and S.J. Enna (Series Editor), pp. ix-xii, Academic Press, New York, 2015.

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