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Microbiology Department 2024 New Grant Awards

Explore all of the new grants awarded to Microbiology team members for 2024.

  • Indranil Biswas, K-INBRE Bridge Award, Exploring the function of novel arginine phosphorylation in streptococcal physiology, 5/1/2024 – 4/30/2025
  • Hubert Tse, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Achieving immune protection in islet transplantation by combining peptide-loaded nanoparticles with conformal coating of islets, 4/1/2024 – 3/31/2026

  • Severin Gudima, NIH R21 AI182029-01, Characterization of 5'-human-HBV-3' RNA species transcribed from integrated HBV DNA, 2/1/2024 – 12/31/2025

  • Hubert Tse, New R01 Subaward with Washington University

  • Mary Markiewicz, Co-I on ACS award to Christy Hagan

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