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Training and Curriculum

Interested in joining our nephrology team? Get to know us and learn more about training tracks, services and rotation schedules.

Our transplant nephrology clinical fellowship consists of 12 months of training that involve rotations in all aspects of transplantation. Renal transplant fellowship at the University of Kansas offers trainees a broad and in-depth learning environment in all aspects of transplant nephrology. The transplant nephrology fellow serves an integral role in the management of transplant patients.

  • Transplant nephrology provides an inpatient consultant service with orders for immunosuppression and internal medicine-based management, including fluid and electrolyte decisions.
  • The transplant nephrology fellow works closely with the transplant surgery team, including the transplant surgery staff, transplant surgery fellow and nurse practitioners.
  • The transplant nephrology team determines the initial induction and maintenance immunosuppression decisions in co-management with transplant surgery. The transplant nephrology fellow determines the daily adjustments to immunosuppression, including calcineurin inhibitor dosing and steroid management.
  • Adjustments to anti hypertensives, electrolyte supplementation and dialysis orders are also primarily ordered by the transplant nephrology fellow.

Additional experiences with the HLA lab (MTN is the first organ bank in the United States), transplant infectious disease and multiorgan transplant are available and can be tailored to suit the interest of the trainee.

Program Schedule

The program is on an academic year calendar. What does KU’s 1-year fellowship in transplant nephrology look like?

  • Inpatient—6 months
  • Outpatient—6 months
  • Research/Elective—2 weeks
  • HLA experience—1-2 weeks
  • Surgeries/Pathology experience

Fellow Rotation Schedule













 Transplant  Inpatient

 Transplant   Outpatient 

Transplant Inpatient

 Transplant  Outpatient Clinic

Transplant Inpatient

Transplant  Outpatient Clinic

 Transplant  Inpatient

 Transplant  Inpatient

 Transplant  Outpatient Clinic*


 Transplant  Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient Clinic

* March 27-March 31 Heart Failure

Outpatient Responsibilities

  • Supervised decision making for transplant candidacy during selection committee.
  • Presenting patients for Acute care conferences.
  • Fellows have a shared panel of patients that they follow for the duration of their fellowship.
  • Presentations—1/month (journal club, case, grand round)
  • Conferences—Fellows are provided opportunity to attend yearly American Transplant Congress
  • Fellows get UNOS access for reviewing organ offers and immunosuppression decision making.

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"The faculty is dedicated to the growth of trainees. There is good amount of exposure to living and deceased donor kidney transplants with a clinically diverse patient population. As an advanced trainee, you are an integral part of the transplant team and take an active role in critical decision making for the patients."

For additional information, please contact:

Program Directors
Mallika Gupta, M.D., FASN

Jeffrey Klein, M.D.

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University of Kansas Medical Center
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