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Green HERON Introduction

As part of the KU Medical Center CTSA Informatics Core, we aim to streamline research processes by providing clinical data analysis environments and to engage investigators in the use of informatics tools for collaboration across the entire spectrum of translational research. KU Medical Center has established an integrated clinical data repository, HERON, with approximately 2 million patient electronic medical records (EMR) as well as research participant registry, socioeconomic data, and death data, which is a valuable resource for clinical and translational research. To engage the broader scientific community and catalyze research collaboration, we have expanded HERON's capability by creating an open and protected clinical data analytic environment called Green HERON.

Green HERON is a secure health data analytic space where approved users can work with de-identified health information. Green HERON simplifies the effort of obtaining EMR data from HERON, while supporting collaborators from partner institutions with approved NetIDs. The analytics space offers a rich set of tools, services, and resources required by research. Within the protected environment, Green HERON users are provided the ability to select analytic tools such as R, SAS, and Python.

Requirement for access:

  • Secure KUMC network (either on campus or via VPN)
  • KUMC Faculty member or sponsored by a faculty member
  • Up-to-date Human Subjects Training
  • Signed system access agreement

*KUMC affiliated accounts can be created upon request and institutional approval

Software tools available:

  • SQL Developer
  • R and RStudio
  • Python
  • SAS

*Additional software can be installed upon request and approval.

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