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Clinical Trials

Each year, the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Clinical Pharmacology division conducts about 10 clinical trials, half of which are initiated by KU Medical Center researchers. Highlights include:

Researchers are working on a gene-modifying therapy for patients with homozygous FH. These patients present clinical signs of high cholesterol at a very young age and do not respond to medication. Current treatment options are liver transplant or LDL-apheresis. This study will recruit patients from around the world who will come to Kansas City to receive treatment. Patients will undergo a one-time infusion and be followed through several visits within a 12-month follow-up period.

The clinical pharmacology division is collaborating with the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center on a pilot study of patients with mild cognitive impairment. Patients will undergo enhanced external counterpulsation, a noninvasive technique used in patients with congestive heart failure to improve blood profusion to the heart. Researchers want to know if this treatment will similarly improve blood flow to the brain and either slow progression of cognitive impairment or retard it altogether.

An exciting new class of drug inhibits this protein and lowers LDL cholesterol. Current studies underway target several populations including patients with heterozygous FH, statin intolerance, and high cardiac risk patients.

KU Medical Center researchers are conducting a study to detect changes in CoQ10 levels in patients taking statin therapy. Statins can deplete CoQ10 levels, which may be related to increased incidents of side effects. The study compares three FDA-approved statins and their effect on endogenous CoQ10 levels.

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