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Previous Residents

Learn about our previous dermatology residents and where they headed off to!


Brooks Kimmis, M.D.
Jace Rickstrew, M.D.
Spyros (Michael) Siscos, M.D.
Chris Tomassian, M.D.
Dominic Wu, M.D.


Malia Downing, M.D.: MOHS and Cosmetics Fellowship with Dr. Chris Harrison, Birmingham, AL
Kaitlyn Kollman, M.D.: Private Practice, Chicago, IL
Brett Neill, M.D.: MOHS Fellowship with Dr. Stan Tolkachjov, Epiphany Dermatology, Dallas, TX 
McKenzi Standard, M.D.: Hospital-based practice, Stormont Vail Health System, Topeka, KS


Lindsey Bauer, M.D.: Private Practice, St. Louis, MO
Atieh Jibbe, M.D.: University of Kansas, Dermatology Teaching Faculty
Adnan Kurtovic, M.D.: Private Practice, Topeka, KS
Megan Prouty, M.D.: University of Kansas, Dermatology Teaching Faculty
Isadore Tarantino, M.D.: Fellowship in Mohs Surgery, Texas


Zachary Bryan, M.D.: Private Practice, Topeka, KS
Rachael Free, M.D.
Cody Hanson, D.O.
Ted Ryser, M.D.
Jacob Whitsitt, M.D.


Saqib Ahmed, M.D.B Fellow, M.D. Anderson, Houston, TX
Rachel Teat-Pflederer, M.D.
Mohs Fellow, Birmingham, AL
Taylor Tennill, M.D.:Private Practice, Springfield, IL
Laura Christensen, M.D.: Private practice, Topeka, KS


Aly Barland, M.D.
Caitlyn Foote, M.D.
Tiffany Herd, M.D.

Prescilia Isedeh, M.D.
Vikas Patel, M.D.


Elizabeth Chase, M.D.: Mohs Fellow, Cleveland, OH
Ryan Fischer, M.D.: Private Practice, Lexington, KY
Tony Nguyen, M.D.: Academic Practice, Houston, TX
Brea Prindaville, M.D.: Residency Faculty in Pediatric Dermatology, Brown University
Chi Tran, M.D.: Private Practice, Houston, TX


Ting Wang-Weinman, M.D.
Rachel Laarman, M.D.
Emily Himes, M.D.


Anand Rajpara, M.D.: Residency Program Director, Dermatology, University of Kansas
Josepth Blackmon, M.D
.: Private Practice, Mohs Surgeon, Lexington, KY
Gina Weir, M.D.
: Private Practice, Lincoln, NE
Kimberly Tefft, M.D.
: Private Practice, Dublin, OH


Mac Mahan, M.D.: Private Practice, Mohs Surgeon, Las Vegas, NV
Steven Squires, M.D.: Private Practice, Augusta, GA
Ana Liolios, M.D.: Private Practice, Kansas City, KS
Rebecca Chain, M.D.: Private Practice, Leawood, KS


Heather Hamilton, M.D.: Chestnut Hill Dermatology Laser Fellowship Program in Boston
Tracy Katz, M.D.: Private practice in Texas
Emily Horner, M.D.: Staff at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City


Molly Menser, D.O.: Private practice in Kansas City
Hillary Lawrence, M.D.: Pediatric Dermatology Fellow at Children's Mercy Hospital
Jason Noble, M.D.: Private practice in South Dakota
Marija Tonkovic, M.D.: Private practice in Kansas City


Kathani Amin, MD: Private practice in Kansas City and Lawrence
Deede Liu, MD: Assistant Professor, Dermatology, University of Kansas School of Medicine/Medical Center
Christy Riddle, MD: Private practice in Dallas, Texas


Kristy Canty, M.D.: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine and Children's Mercy Hospital
Maria Bonilla, M.D.: Private practice in San Diego, CA.
Cara Garretson, M.D.: Private practice in Chicago


Jennifer Krecji-Manwaring, M.D.: Assistant Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio
Eric Schweiger, M.D.: Assistant Clinical Professor, Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Private Practice, NYC
Andrew Dubois, M.D.: Private practice in Indiana
Robin Wetter, M.D.: Mohs Surgery private practice in Minneapolis


Teresa Wright, M.D.: Assistant Professor, Dermatology and Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital

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