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KU Internal Medicine Residency Committees

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GME Residents council is a peer-selected, institution-wide committee that allows residents and fellows to communicate and exchange information with other residents/fellows relevant to their ACGME-accredited programs and their learning and working environment. Council members are a voice for residents and fellows to present concerns to the DIO and GMEC. Subcommittees carry out specific portions of GMEC's responsibilities.


Vice President Patient Safety and Quality: Ryan Garwood, DO PGY2


  • Leah Dionisi, MD
  • Nadia Hamid, MD
  • Priyanka Venkatesh, MBBS
  • Ryan Garwood, DO
  • Sheridan Evans, DO
  • Taylor Adams, DO
  • Thomas Mathews, MD
  • Vishwajit Hegde, MBBS

The Liaison Committee is a peer-selected cohort whose primary role is to facilitate communication between KU Internal Medicine resident physicians and the medical education leadership team. Each group of residents (categorical, preliminary and medicine/psychiatry) is represented by ~10% of their peers on this committee.

The Liaison Committee meets on a monthly basis prior to Housestaff meetings, on an annual basis as part of Annual Program Evaluation process, and on an ad hoc basis for GME periodic reviews as well as ACGME Site Visits.

  • Future Chiefs:
    • Charlie Altfillisch
    • Aaron Blanck
    • Tyler Landuyt
    • Tom Mathews
    • Gavin Royer
    • Priyanka Venkatesh
  • PGY3:
    • Taylor Adams
    • Brittany Chambers
    • Brianna Coogle
  • PGY2:
    • Brogan Barry
    • Leah Dionisi
    • Lauren Kennedy
  • PGY1:
    • Michael Barry
    • Maggie Chen
    • Nicole Twardowski
  • Med Psych:
    • Luke Mirabelli
    • Carter Biskup
    • Dom DiGiovine
  • Prelim:
    • Hassan Farhoud
    • Haleigh Harper
    • Aaron Veenis

The Resident Response Team is a cohort of residents selected to provide thoughtful support for their co-residents during times of celebration and success, illness and crisis, etc. Specific resident needs are kept confidential and RRT support ranges from notes, gift cards, flowers, and more.

  • Brianna Coogle – PGY3
  • Tom Mathews – PGY3
  • Shirene Philipose – PGY2
  • Caroline Muegge - PGY1
  • Kimberly Hughes – PGY1 Anesthesia

The role of these members is to assist the CMIO and/or the Physician Informatics staff as needed during the design, implementation, and testing of EMR changes.

Members will attend design sessions as requested and provide input to functions of and to improve the usability of the software and associated workflows. SuperUsers participate in system testing sessions to validate the software design, usability, and workflow. Members act as an EMR liaison to their department peers and staff on behalf of the hospital and as a proponent for the benefits of O2 and associated programs. Members report issues with IT and workflows for interventions as well as create and maintain peer-led training tools such as documents or videos and lead peer-to-peer sessions about EMR usage.

  • Aaron Blanck – PGY3
  • Brianna Coogle – PGY3
  • Lauren Kennedy - PGY2

PSC-PC serves to guide the departmental patient safety conference through case selection and format direction. Meets monthly on Friday mornings.

  • Aaron Blanck – PGY3

  • Priyanka Venkatesh - PGY3

The simulation committee's goal is to implement a multidisciplinary simulation curriculum that helps resident physicians be better prepared for practice by improving clinical skills, procedural skills and communication skills.

  • Evan Graumann – PGY2
  • Brogan Barry – PGY2
  • Ryan Brennan – PGY2
  • Tanner Robl – PGY2

The housestaff appreciation fund is a unique aspect of our program that truly exemplifies camaraderie. The fund was established to provide residents with an opportunity to get together outside of the hospital with no cost to the residents. Events are organized by our social chairs and occur regularly throughout the year.

  • Taylor Adams – PGY3
  • Ryan Garwood – PGY2
  • Aliya Rashid – PGY2
  • Joe Herba – PGY1
  • Maggie Chen – PGY1
  • Harper Euwer – PGY1
  • Kat Adams – PGY1 Prelim

Develops policies around Code Blues and RRT, reviews code blue and rapid response related issues.

  • Brogan Barry – PGY2
  • Tanner Robl – PGY2

The recruitment committee works with our PD, Admin, and Chief resident team to attract the best and brightest medical students from diverse backgrounds. They assist with our social media, generate new ideas for our recruitment process and assist on our interview day.

  • Taylor Adams – PGY3
  • Jessica Carrillo – PGY3
  • Jenn Kownack – PGY3
  • Thomas Mathews – PGY3
  • Ben Brennan – PGY3
  • Priyanka Venkatesh – PGY3
  • Ryan Garwood – PGY2
  • Bridget Molenda – PGY2
  • Tanner Robl – PGY2
  • Nasam AlTwal – PGY2
  • Maggie Chen – PGY1
  • Joe Herba – PGY1
  • Marie Kondrashova – PGY1
  • Caroline Muegge - PGY1

The HOPE (Helping Our People Endure) team is made up of physicians trained and available to provide 1:1 peer coaching and support of those experiencing second victim syndrome following adverse patient outcome events.

  • Leigh Eck, M.D. - Associate Professor, Endocrinology; Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
  • Becky Lowry, M.D. - Associate Professor, General & Geriatric Medicine; Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
  • Jane Broxterman, M.D. - Associate Professor, General & Geriatric Medicine; Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
  • Kristin Gillenwater, D.O. - Ambulatory Assistant Professor, General & Geriatric Medicine
  • Penelope Harris, M.D. - Clinical Assistant Professor, Hematology
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