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Chief Residents

Get to know our Chief Residents!

group photo of 2021 IM chief residents

Stacie Carlson, M.D.

I grew up in Salina, KS before heading to The University of Kansas for my undergrad. Having grown up in a family of physicians, I fully intended to explore another profession, but I eventually decided medicine was the right fit for me. I ultimately graduated with a degree in Biology with an emphasis on genetics and started applying for medical school. I was elated when I got into The University of Kansas. I completed my 4 years of medical school training in Kansas City through KU. As a medical student working with the internal medicine residents at KU, I could tell there was something special about the program. There was a strong sense of teamwork, compassion, caring, and determination in the residents. The leadership and teaching staff mirrored these attitudes as well. The last 3 years of residency have proven to me what I suspected as a med student, that KU IM is as special on the inside as it seems from the outside. I am extremely fortunate to be able to have a chief year to give back to the program that has helped me grow so much over the past few years and am looking forward to how my role as a Chief as I know it will be yet another challenge that will prepare me further to be a successful physician and team member.

Luke Frankl, M.D.

I lived in South Dakota until I was 22 when I moved to Omaha, Nebraska. After a year working on our family-owned feedlot, I began my medical career as a student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  You can imagine my delight as I first encountered indoor plumbing and 24-hour electricity. This delight, however, paled in comparison to what I felt when I matched into residency at KUMC. That said, by no means were the next three years of residency easy. In fact, in many ways they were the three most difficult of my life but with difficulty came great personal growth and reward. The IM leadership team has developed a curriculum to push residents and prepare us for the next steps of our careers while building in guaranteed time for rest, recreation, and family.  In fact, I have had enough time to foster lifelong friendships AND get my golf handicap lower than it has ever been! I am incredibly proud to be able to spend this year as a chief resident learning the foundations of leadership from Dr. Eck and all the IM team while striving to maintain and build upon the culture that makes this a great place to train.

John Logan, M.D.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri but shipped off to The University of Oklahoma (BOOMER) to pursue a degree in Biology. There, I found a love for medicine and football. After college, I moved to Kansas City and attended UMKC for medical school. I had an immediate draw to internal medicine. I met my wife, Maggie, at UMKC (who is a Neurology chief this year!) and really fell in love with Kansas City as we ate our way through it. Now we live with our new baby, Greyson, and our dog, Millie in Brookside. On the interview trail, KU offered a great balance with the ‘x+y’ system and the diversity of their graduating class was a sign of a balanced learning environment. I heard great things about the cohesiveness of the residents and it didn’t disappoint. Working with such a fun and energetic program made going through residency a blast. I was ecstatic when I was chosen to be chief resident and I look forward to teaching and getting involved in the administrative side of our residency program! Following chief year, I will be pursuing a career in primary care and am very passionate about it. I look forward to meeting all the new faces and working with the old ones!

Nikhil Parimi, M.D.

Mark Quinn, M.D.

In medical school I enjoyed rotating through every specialty, which ultimately translated to a natural fit in internal medicine. I interviewed throughout the country for residency, but no other program came close to the supportive environment KU had to offer. My son Liam was born at the beginning of intern year, and my beautiful daughter Olivia arrived as I started second year! It was a wild ride surviving residency with two young kiddos, but our program supported my family and I the entire way. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to stay at KU, and the supportive environment is just one of many reasons I chose to become a Chief Resident. Prior to medicine, I met my amazing wife Ashleigh at a CrossFit gym. In college I played club ice hockey and had a side job as a phlebotomist. After graduating I worked in pharmaceutical research prior to starting medical school. I will continue my career as a hospitalist after Chief year and pursue teaching. Until then you can find me on the 11th floor of the Kansas City VA Hospital, at the park with my wild kiddos, or pretending to train for my professional arm-wrestling career! 

Jerrica Wener, M.D.

I'm originally from Wichita, KS, and ever since graduation from High School I've been studying or working under the KU banner.  I started out in Chemical Engineering to satisfy my math itch while getting a minor in music for piano performance.  However, my love for public health really came out while I worked on an ecological latrine project with the KU Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, seeing how "simple" solutions (less simple in implementation) can have a significant impact and how valuable relationships are with communities.  I found my husband along the way in undergrad, who ended up being the second person I ever met on campus. I continued to be drawn to medicine and infectious disease as a way to have a positive impact on a person's life with the problem solving and human interaction.  I went to medical school at KU in Kansas City, and fell in love with the city and what it had to offer.  Seeing how happy the Internal Medicine residents were when I was a medical student and seeing how confident they were to take on the next step of their careers after residency made it an easy choice when deciding where to go for residency.  I'm currently working as the Chief Resident of Quality and Safety at the KCVA where I hope to lean more about the implementation of Quality Improvement projects and get back to some project management.  I'm pursuing a fellowship in Infectious Disease, and hope to get a Masters in Public or Global Health in the near future.  In the meantime, we spend our free time eating at new restaurants around the city, going to museums, and traveling whenever able!

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