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Welcome from the Program Director

Jane Broxterman portraitThank you for your interest in our Internal Medicine Residency Program at The University of Kansas Health System Olathe Campus. We are thrilled to be starting a new residency program uniting the founding pillars of academic excellence with community engagement.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program in Olathe offers a unique opportunity for training. We have been very intentional and strategic in developing an amazing program that has the potential to be individually tailored as residents progress through the core competencies. Our program is specifically designed to incorporate our core values of community, curiosity, collaboration and compassion into the resident learning environment.

Prior to becoming program director for this new program, I served as an associate program director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program on our Kansas City campus for 13 years. During my time in that role, some highlights included implementing the 3+1 curriculum, serving as director of ambulatory education, developing well-being curriculum and rolling out other innovations in resident education. I have published over 25 abstracts, 8 manuscripts and 2 book chapters, and I believe in the example of, “ask questions, seek answers.” In addition to my responsibilities in education, I have a busy general internal medicine practice, currently outpatient based, plus prior experience as a hospitalist, palliative care consultant and service in the VA health care system.

Throughout my varied roles in medicine, one of my core teaching principles has been: “medicine is medicine, regardless of where you practice,” which holds true today, as I transition my practice from the Kansas City campus to our Olathe Campus. My years of experience have shown me that the training of an internist must be anchored in not only knowledge and procedural acumen, but also the thought process of solving patient care issues. By keeping in mind these core principles — and with a foundation of lifelong learning, scientific curiosity and a growth mindset — our Olathe Campus program focuses on excellence.

Our team of core faculty is very proud of what we are building at the community location of Olathe Campus, and we can’t wait to welcome our first class of residents in July 2025. We look forward to getting to know you during the interview process and consider it our privilege to be involved in your training as you shape the future of medicine.


Jane T. Broxterman, M.D.
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program-Olathe
Associate Professor, Deparment of Internal Medicine

The mission of our program is to provide our resident physicians with excellent clinical and scientific training, in an environment that prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, allowing them to excel across all core internal medicine competencies. Beyond clinical readiness for practice and/or fellowship training, it is our goal to cultivate our residents’ innate desire to continually ask questions and to seek scientific answers by embodying a growth-oriented mindset. Furthermore, we aim for each of our residents to understand their personal strengths, empowering them to possess the confidence and centeredness to be dynamic, humble and empathetic team leaders who are positioned to seek exceptional opportunities in their professional lives.

  1. Achieve excellence in recruitment by prioritizing a selection of diverse individuals with outstanding communication skills, an empathetic personality and scientific curiosity with a passion to serve in the community setting.
  2. Provide a robust rotational framework that trains excellent and resourceful clinicians who develop a diagnostic skillset that is evidence based, cost effective and patient centered to care for the complex adult across all care settings, which also allows for ample opportunity to individualize educational experiences during training.
  3. Provide an educational learning environment that fosters a growth-mindset while working towards independent practice in all 6 ACGME competencies: patient care, medical knowledge, systems based practice, practice based learning and improvement, interpersonal skills communication, and professionalism.
  4. Prioritize well-being, peer support and coaching to ensure our resident physicians are well equipped to effectively achieve work-life integration in training and in their future careers.
  5. Develop comprehensive knowledge, skills and attitudes for resident physicians to take on leadership roles and advocate for their patients across the continuum of care for improved total health, utilizing quality initiative platforms and community engagement. 
  1. Collaborative: Collaboration is imperative within the healthcare field. Not only does it ensure that patients receive the most comprehensive and efficient care by harnessing the expertise of those around you, but also aids in the development of a well-rounded and effective physician that fosters a culture of innovation and supports everyone on their team.
  2. Community: As part of our residency program, residents become integral members of our close-knit community. Through shared experiences, mentorship, and camaraderie, residents form lasting bonds with their colleagues, faculty, and patients, creating a supportive environment that our residents can thrive in. 
  3. Curiosity: One of the most impressive and challenging aspects of Medicine is how rapidly it evolves. No matter how many years you have practiced, there is always room for growth and continued learning. We firmly believe that lifelong learning with a growth mind-set is essential throughout training and practice.
  4. Compassion: Patient-centered care is a cornerstone of practicing medicine. Compassion is not how you feel, but what you DO. Giving compassionate, connected care, ensures a culture of safety by building trust in the healthcare environment and to do this effectively one must display empathy and compassion. Compassion facilitates trust, alleviates suffering and builds rapport with the people we care for. 
"I can’t think of a better person to take the lead for the new Olathe Internal Medicine Residency Program! Dr. Broxterman was an advisor, clinic preceptor, and mentor for me throughout my residency and helped to shape my education and leadership skills during my chief resident year. I credit her with my ability to successfully manage a busy outpatient pulmonary clinic. She is a dedicated physician, educator and leader, and I’m excited to see the amazing program that she builds!"

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