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Our program is committed to helping you achieve your career goals, whether in the practice of Internal Medicine or a subspecialty. In the spirit of these efforts. Our program includes comprehensive and longitudinal direction and guidance from the beginning of your post graduate training. Features of our approach include:

  • Providing adequate and robust subspecialty exposure early in training, as a result of the 3+1 scheduling system, while residents decide on their ultimate career path
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a resident's candidacy based on published statistics of successful resident applicants nationwide. Using your baseline data (USMLE scores, academic achievements, etc), compared to these standardized match statistics provided by the NRMP, we are able to assist you in formulating a path to maximize the competitiveness of your application
  • Matching candidates with faculty who assist the candidate with mentorship in both clinical and scholarly activities in the subspecialty of interest
  • Facilitating resident participation in local, regional, and national subspecialty events, as well as involvement in subspecialty professional societies. These opportunities enhance the resident's exposure to the field, as well as the national leaders in that subspecialty
  • Providing scheduling flexibility, for residents in good academic standing, to seek out external rotation opportunities
  • Working with our University Learning Center on campus with formalized and professional services including:
    • Access to writing center specialists for refinement of CVs and personal statements
    • Opportunities for "mock" interviews before starting your actual interviews
  • Personalized and active advocacy, from both program directors and other faculty, in support of your application
"The program is superb on many fronts including social/camaraderie, educational opportunities, faculty/staff support, patient population, and overall preparation for a career in medicine."
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