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Timeline of Events for Base Hospital #28


  • April 1, Planning for a military hospital
    • Kansas City doctors meet to plan military hospital for France.
  • April 6, U.S. Congress declares war on Germany
    • U.S. President Woodrow Wilson outlined the case for declaring war upon Germany in a speech to the joint houses of Congress on April 2, 1917. On April 6, 1917, two days after the U.S. Senate votes 82 to 6 to declare war against Germany, the U.S. House of Representatives endorses the decision by a vote of 373 to 50, and the United States formally enters the First World War.


  • January 21, Mobilization of Base Hospital #28
    • Base Hospital No. 28 was mobilized January 21, 1918 by the Surgeon General of the United States of America, at Kansas City, Mo., where it received its preliminary training and equipment.
  • February 22, Fort McPherson, Georgia
    • On February 23, 1918, the first group of officers and men were transferred to Ft. McPherson, Georgia where they complete their training.
  • June 2, Begin journey, Georgia to France
    • Full hospital complement leaves Georgia for France
  • June 12, Embarks on USS Megantic
    • Embarks on USS Megantic from New York City for France.
  • July 2, Arrive at Limoges, France
    • Arrive at Limoges, France, to set up 2,500 bed general hospital.
  • October 30, Hospital census is 2,343
  • November 11, ARMISTICE!
    • The armistice between the Allies and Germany - also known as the Armistice of Compiègne after the location it was signed - was an agreement that ended the fighting in the First World War. It went into effect at 11 am on 11 November 1918, and marked a victory for the Allies and a complete defeat for Germany, although not technically a surrender.
  • November 12, Hospital Census is 2,906
  • November 30, Hospital Census is 2,435
  • December 8, Hospital Census is 1,225
  • December 31, Hospital Census is 280


  • January 31 Hospital ceases clinical operations
    • Hospital ceases clinical operations, last patient transferred to another hospital.
  • April 19, Leave St. Nazaire, France, for America, on USS Mercury
  • April 30, Arrive in America
  • May 2, Demobilization at Fort Dix, New Jersey
    • Hospital personnel arrive in USA and are demobilized.

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