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Past Clendening and King Summer Fellows

2018 Clendening and King Summer Fellows

Joy Fesen - Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy at KU: A Story of Genesis, Growth, and Evolution
Vafa Behzadpour - Impacts of Austerity on Greek Healthcare

Anna Herrick - Assessing the Value of Micro-Hospitals
Melissa Feuerborn - Building a Bridge for Batten Disease Families

Victoria Cox - Views of Pediatric Assent
Isaac Baldwin - Mental Health Centers and Faith Communities

Mariah Johnson - HCV Elimination Feasibility in the Kansas City Area
Nicolas Johnson - Black Women's Fertility and Use of ART

Elizabeth Sirois - Healthcare of Burmese Refugees
Ruben Torrez - Sexual Harassment of Nursing Students: What's Really Happening, and Is Enough Being Done to Address It?

Nate Grabill - Healthcare Needs of Villages in Eastern Haiti

2017 Clendening and King Summer Fellows

Rima Abhyankar, "Public and Health Care Providers' Perceptions of Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Urban India"
Jihad Al-Khatib, "Health Care Under Military Occupation: An Assessment of the Determinants of Health within the Palestinian Territories"
Mollie Chesis, "LGBTQ+ Experiences of Healthcare: A Narrative Project"
Rayyan Kamal, "Housing Cooperatives and Mental Health: Developing Community Based Interventions Towards Mental Health Inclusivity"
Anastasia Koptelova, "Contraceptive Behavior and Abortion Trends in USSR and Modern Russia"
Juan Salgado, "The Integration of Simulation into the Curriculum of a Medical School in Barcelona"
Jacob Schroeder, "Aspirin with a Dose of Acupuncture: The Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Modern Medical World"
Harris Tsamolias, "The Refugee Crisis: Creating New Problems"
Katelyn Twist, "Breast Cancer Prevention Education within the Kansas City Incarcerated Women's Population" 

2016 Clendening and King Summer Fellows

Abbey Elsbernd, "Perceptions of Stress in Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Patients in KCK and Copenhagen" 
Eyad Gharaibeh, "Beyond Barriers: A Refugee's Perspective of Healthcare"  
Mollyanne Gibson, "Prenatal Perspetives on Natural or Cesarean Deliveries in China" 
Michelle Metzger, "Obesity and Complications in American Indian Youth"
Pie Pichetsurnthorn, "HIV Preventive Care Among Asian and Pacific Islander Patients in the Midwest" 
Rebecca Piland, "Oh, the Humanities! How do Medical Students Best Learn Them for Board Examinations?" 
Chris Simwinga, "Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment in Zambia, Africa" 
Carley Trentman, "Nutritional Deficiencies in the Marshall Islands" An Examination from Pre-WW II to Now" 
Jerrica Werner, "Impact of Household Water Treatment Systems on Community Health in Patanatic, Guatemala"

2015 Clendening and King Summer Fellows 

Caleb Busch, "Healthcare in Japan: Traditional Medicine Meets Frontier Medical Technology"
Anna Cleland-Leighton, "Upstream Risks Affecting Patients in KU's Inter-professional Teaching Clinic"
Amy Johnson, "Burden of Interpersonal Violence at Kingston Public Hospital Accident and Emergency Department" 
Yvonne Kamau, "Youth Perceptions on Community Development in Rural Kenya: Re-evaluating our perceptions about Africa"
Sarah Kennedy, "Exploring the Health Care Encounter as an Opportunity to Reach Trafficked Women"
Jocelyn Matoon, "Medical Students, Stress, and the Strengths-Based Approach"
Anna Powers, "The Status of Female Genital Mutilation Prevention in Europe and a Look toward the Future"
Spencer Thiel, "Perspectives on Short-Term International Medical Trips"

2014 Clendening and King Summer Fellows

Andrea Sitek,  "A Community Divided Over Mountaintop Removal"
Erin Mitchell,  "Visualizing the Unique Perspectives of Adolescents with Cancer: A Photovoice Pilot Study"
Sarah Scrafford,  "Quality of Life measurements at Bay Cliff Health Camp for Children with Physical Disabilities" 
Margaret Wilkes,  "Student Reflections on Empathy: Incorporating Student Voices into Medical Education"<
Joel Burnett,  "A qualitative study of chronic pain patients engaged in the Relieving Pain in Kansas City initiative"
Viktoriya Tulchinskaya,  "Parisian End-of-Life Care: What Can We Learn?"
Erin Atwood,  "Comparison of Early Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Kansas, Missouri and Lima, Peru"
Devin Kenney, "The Reality of a Treatable Disease: Assessing the Burden of Malaria on the Pothawira Clinic in Malawi, Africa"
Keenan Hogan,  "Investigating the Educational Potential of End-Of-Life Experiences"
Erin Eifler,  "Man's Best Friend: Therapy Animals in our Healthcare System"
Tequilla Manning,  "Costa Rican Sex Workers' Risk Behaviors and Attitudes Toward Government Regulation of Safe Sex Practices: An Exploratory Study"

2013 Clendening Summer Fellows 

Hannah Anderson, " Women's Healthcare in a Syrian Refugee Camp"

Christina Bourne, " Honduras, Blumenschein Clinic"

Kirsten Devin, " The Giant Woke Up: A Forward-Looking Secondary Healthcare Model in Brazil"

Jason Foster, " Modern Disease and Medicine in Peruvian Amazonia"

Senushi Jayaratne, " Kansas and Oklahoma, Native American Healthcare"

Kristen Meier, " Peru, Amazon Hope"

Emily Miller, " KC, Interpreting Services Study"

Claire Thomas, " Honduras, Blumenschein Clinic"

Tony Zhou, " Feasibility and Acceptability of Interactive Digital Learning for Children with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1"

2012 Clendening Summer Fellows 

Jithma Abeykoon, " Insights into Ayrvedic Medicine in Sri Lanka"

Whitney Clearwater, " An Educational Intervention for Mothers and Babies in Tema, Ghana"

Georgina Green, " Caring for Bhutanese Patients in Kansas City"

Miranda Greiner, " Healthcare Providers' Perspectives on Diabetes Mellitus in Rural Guatemala"

Brady Lonergan, " Healthcare and the Role of the Orthodox Church in Byzantium"

Rachel Myers, " Jewish Genetic Screening"

Cecilia Scrafford, " Palliative Care and Hospice Medicine"

Greg Stroh, " Attitudes of Healthcare Professionals and the Public toward Early Transplantation in Patients with Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis"

Paul Teran, " Exploration of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect"

Christina Tippy, " Primary Care in Tanzania"

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