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Videos of Past Lectures

December 8, 2011, Dr. Gerald Kirby
'Pulmonary Disease in Kansas'

February 20, 2012, Dr. Ron Stephens
'40 Years War on Cancer'

April 24, 2012, Dr. Stata Norton
'The History of Some Medicinal Plants from 40,000 B.C. to Modern Drugs'

December 6, 2012, Enrique Chaves, M.D.
‘Clara Maass and Medical Ethics'

February 7, 2013, Paul Terranova, Ph.D.
‘Evolution of Reproductive Sciences at KU Medical Center'

March 7, 2013, Barbara Lukert, M.D.
'Endocrinology, Metabolism and Genetics at KUMC, 1923-2013'

September 6, 2012, Thomas Schlich, M.D., McGill University
About 'Roads not Taken': Alternative Innovation in Surgery

September 18, 2013, Thelda Kestenbaum, M.D.
'The History of Dermatology'

March 8, 2017, William R. Jewell, M.D., FACS
'The Manhattan Project NASA Cancer Research'

November 14, 2019, Douglas Burton, M.D.
"The History of Spine Instrumentation Through a Kansas Lens"

November 16, 2021, Robert E. Bulander, M.D., Ph.D.
"The History of Shock"

November 17, 2021, Marta Vicente, Ph.D.
"The Lieutenant-Nun: Science, Baroque Art, and Transgender Celebrity"

December 9, 2021, Kevin Flattery 
"A Brief History of the Kansas University Hospital"

May 6, 2022
The William G Bartholome Lecture in Bioethics
Brian S. Carter, MD, FAAP 
"Language Should Not Be Disabling"


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