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Arthur Daemmrich, PhD

Photo of Arthur Daemmrich, PhD
Volunteer Associate Professor, History and Philosophy of Medicine

Professional Background

  •  University of Pennsylvania, B.A. in History and Sociology of Science
  •  Cornell University, Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies 



Professor Daemmrich’s research explores relationships between regulation and innovation through historical and international comparative studies of the pharmaceutical industry, the chemicals sector, and healthcare systems. He is the author of Pharmacopolitics: Drug Regulation in the United States and Germany and has published over 25 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters in science and technology studies; the history of science, technology and medicine; and health and business policy; as well as numerous teaching cases and notes. In addition to his affiliation with the University of Kansas School of Medicine, he is the Director of the Arizona State University Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes. He previously has held appointments at the Science History Institute, Harvard Business School, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Selected Publications

A. Daemmrich, "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in America: A Brief History," Pharmacy in History 59 (2017), 63-72.

A. Daemmrich, "Invention, Innovations Systems, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution," Technology and Innovation 18 (2017), 257-265. 

A. Daemmrich, "Wichita County Health Center: Strategic Planning," Ivey Publishing case 8B16M084 (May 2016); and accompanying teaching note: "Wichita County Health Center: Strategic Planning (TN), Ivey Publishing teaching note 8B16M084 (May 2016).

A. Daemmrich, "Using the SWOT Framework in the Health Care Sector," Ivey Publishing note 9B16M076 (May 2016).

A. Daemmrich, "Children's Hospital Oakland: End-of-Life Dilemmas," Ivey Publishing case 9B16C007 (March 2016); and accompanying teaching note: "Children's Hospital Oakland: End-of-Life Dilemmas (TN)," Ivey Publishing teaching note 8B16C007 (March 2016).

A. Daemmrich, "Healthcare Reform in the United States and China: Pharmaceutical Market Implications," Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice 7 (2014), 9. doi:10.1186/2052-3211-7-9

Blogs, Presentations and Exhibits

A. Daemmrich, "Inventing and Reinventing Stadiums," Lemelson Center Blog (23 June 2020).

A. Daemmrich, "Are Robots Really Coming For Our Jobs: What we've learned from previous industrial revolutions," Medium: Lemelson Foundation Invention Notebook (24 February 2020).

A. Daemmrich, "Places of Invention and Innovation: Past, Present, and Future," 1 February 2019, Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait.

A. Daemmrich, "Invention: A History of (Learning from) Failure," Keynote Address, National Academy of Inventors, Annual Convention, 6 April 2018

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