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Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship

Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Team

This Primary Care Sports Medicine (PCSM) fellowship is a twelve month program sponsored by the University of Kansas Health System through the Sports Medicine division with support from the Family Medicine Residency Program. The fellow will be based in the Primary Care Sports Medicine clinic and spend time in a Fellow's Clinic supervised by PCSM faculty, and with different orthopedic specialties. Further clinical experience will be gained in athletic training rooms and on the sideline at high school and collegiate levels. Exposure to professional athletes will be a limited part of the fellowship year because of the health system's partnership with the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs. Required and elective rotations will also be completed with other clinical services, including musculoskeletal radiology, to develop a well-rounded education.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI)

The University of Kansas Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship is committed to supporting a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive learning environment. We are invested in developing curious, compassionate, competent sports medicine physicians who partner with their communities to decrease health disparities.

Sports Medicine Fellow's Clinic

Fellows will have their own clinics based out of the University of Kansas Health System’s downtown campus and the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at the Indian Creek Campus. Two and a half days a week, fellows will evaluate and care for their own patients and be precepted by each of the members of the Primary Care Sports Medicine faculty. The faculty will be available on site to review cases with the fellows and supervise procedures, including ultrasound guided injections.

We see a wide array of primary care sports medicine complaints, including musculoskeletal injuries, concussion, and medical issues related to exercise and sports participation.


The PCSM fellowship has a longitudinal curriculum where the fellows alternate between orthopedic subspecialties, musculoskeletal radiology, and electives. Rotations include working with sports orthopedic surgeons and other orthopedic specialty clinics, including elbow, hand/wrist, and foot/ankle.

Athletic Training Rooms and Sideline Coverages

Fellows will be assigned as team physician to a local high school contracted with The University of Kansas Health System. They will spend one afternoon a week seeing student athletes in the training room working with a certified athletic trainer and then attend football or other practices. Fellows will also spend one day a week at KU Athletics in Lawrence, Kansas, seeing Division 1 collegiate athletes and in the training room under the direction of the head team physician for the University of Kansas. As part of this collegiate experience, fellows will be on the sideline for home football games and other athletic events as determined by the head team physician.

Primary Care / Urgent Care

Fellows will be scheduled one half day per week at Watkins Health Services on the University of Kansas campus to provide primary and urgent care. Family Medicine faculty will be on site to review cases as needed.


Sports Ultrasound

Fellows will learn ultrasound through a longitudinal comprehensive curriculum in our program. There are ultrasounds available at all sports clinics. Musculoskeletal ultrasound is used in the clinic for diagnostic purposes and ultrasound-guided procedures and injections.

Fellows will receive training from the faculty and have opportunities to administer ultrasound-guided injections on their patients with direct supervision. Fellows will gain enough experience to earn RMSK certification through APCA by the end of the fellowship year.

Team Physician and Event Coverage

Fellows will have opportunities to provide physician coverage at a variety of different athletic events. Primary responsibility is to cover all home and away football games at the assigned high school and other events such as wrestling tournaments or other tournaments hosted by the high school. All home football games and other events requested by the head team physician at the University of Kansas will also be covered by the fellows. They will assist in pre-participation physicals offered to the contracted high schools as directed by the program director and medical director of Youth Sports Medicine. Additional coverage opportunities in the past have included NCAA and Big XII events, US Figure Skating Championships, US Gymnastics Championships, and other events at our contracted sites.

Concussion Care

The Center for Concussion Management works in conjunction with the Sports Medicine Division as an interdisciplinary team to provide concussion care. Fellows will learn a multifaceted approach for concussion diagnosis and management, including the use of neurocognitive testing. The Sports Medicine Clinic sees a diverse athletic population and works closely with the school districts that are contracted with the health system.

Research, Administration and Other Scholarly Activity

Fellows have one half day a week dedicated to work on a research or special project and any other scholarly activity. Project and research ideas can be developed with input from the fellowship director and the Research and Education Committee, which meets every other month. Fellows are expected to present research or a special project at a regional or national meeting. Fellows may also assist faculty with ongoing research projects, or use the time to continue previous research of their own.

Physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists within the Sports Medicine Division meet monthly to review journal articles and discuss current topics. The PCSM fellows are responsible for choosing and reviewing an article, with input from the program director, then presenting to the group at these meetings.


There is no call but availability to the athletic training staff is highly encouraged.

Please direct questions to:

Kelly Reyes-Martinez

PCSM Fellowship Application Process

Drs. JP Darche & Paul Schroeppel at Chiefs Training Camp

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Nicole Yedlinsky, MD

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Program Director

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Associate Program Director


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