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Current Industry-Sponsored Research

Learn about current industry-sponsored research in the emergency medicine department at the KU School of Medicine.

ANTARES-HF:  An Evaluation of the Alere NT-proBNP for ARCHITECT in an Emergency Department Setting for Heart Failure

This is a pilot study to evaluate the clinical performance of the Alere NT-proBNP for ARCHITECT assay as an aid in the diagnosis of individuals suspected of having heart failure (HF) and as an aid in the assessment of HF severity.

  • Principal Investigator: Chad Cannon, MD
  • Sponsor: Alere San Diego, Inc. / Abbott

ICON-RELOADED:  International Collaborative of NT-proBNP Re-evaluation of Acute Diagnostic Cut-Offs in the Emergency Department

The ICON-RELOADED Study is a prospective multicenter clinical trial to be conducted at up to 20 sites in North America with a cohort demographic similar to that of the acutely decompensated heart failure (ADHF) population in North America. The primary objective for this study is to externally validate the use of Elecsys® proBNP II concentrations to aid in the diagnosis of ADHF in patients presenting emergently with acute dyspnea, through use of the International Collaborative of NT pro-BNP (ICON) cut-point strategy.

  • Principal Investigator: Chad Cannon, MD
  • Sponsor: Roche Diagnostics / Baim Institute for Clinical Research

REPORT-HF:  International Registry to assess mEdical Practice with lOngitudinal obseRvation for Treatment of Heart Failure 

This registry is a global, multinational, prospective, non-interventional, disease registry with longitudinal data collection. The registry is planning to include a large sample of HF patients with broad geographical inclusion to provide a comprehensive assessment of the therapy patterns and related outcomes, as well as the use of healthcare resources.

  • Principal Investigator: Chad Cannon, MD
  • Sponsor: Novartis

SOAR:  Safety of Oral Anticoagulants Registry: A National, Hospital-Based, Sentinel Surveillance Study of the Clinical and Economic Impact of Bleeding and Bleeding Concerns due to the Use of Oral Anticoagulants

The goal of SOAR is to characterize the clinical and economic impact of clinicians' responses to major bleeding complications and pre-procedural concerns for bleeding risk in patients treated with oral anticoagulants (warfarin, anti-Xa orals, and anti-IIa orals) who present to the ED or in the hospital with acute illness or injury, with the eventual aim of informing the development of improved approaches to the management of OACs in the ED.

  • Principal Investigator: Chad Cannon, MD
  • Sponsor: Hospital Quality Foundation

VITROS Immunodiagnostic Products hs Troponin I

The purpose of this serial sample collection study is to collect data to substantiate the use of the VITROS hs Troponin I test as an aid in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

  • Principal Investigator: Chad Cannon, MD
  • Sponsor: Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
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