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New cancer treatments and therapies start at the lab bench. Researchers in our department conduct the basic laboratory science that the KU Cancer Center, the only National Cancer Institute-designated center in the region, and other institutions can use to develop new drugs and therapies.

Our scientists research a range of topics related to the treatment and prevention of cancer. Their work includes identifying the genes that inhibit metastasis; looking at ways to destroy a damaged protein associated with nearly half of all human cancers; unearthing the biology explaining why some breast cancers become resistant to endocrine treatments; determining the effects of obesity on the development of gastrointestinal and other cancers; and targeting cancer stem cells for cancer therapy. 

    Our researchers are also investigating the repurposing of FDA-approved drugs for cancer treatment, and they've developed a new way to test potential cancer drugs using a first-of-its-kind “tumor in a dish” method. 

    Learn More About Our Research

    Find out more our active research by visiting our faculty page, where you can click to see the research interests and projects of each faculty member.

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