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The Ph.D. in Biostatistics at KU Medical Center is a 63-credit-hour program, recognized for the quality, ability and training of its graduating students. This fully accredited program includes collaborative research experience, annual evaluations, graduate examinations and the successful completion of a doctoral dissertation. Dissertation research culminates in a final dissertation examination which consists of an oral presentation by the candidate and an examination by the faculty. 

The goal of the Ph.D. program is to produce biostatisticians who can develop biostatistical methodologies that can be utilized to solve problems in public health and the biomedical sciences. In addition, graduates will be prepared to apply biostatistical and epidemiology methodology for the design and analysis of public health and biomedical research investigations. Finally, graduates will be well-suited to function as collaborators or team leaders on research projects in the biomedical and public health sciences.

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Upon completion of KU's Ph.D. in Biostatistics program, graduates will have the characteristics outlined for master's degree graduates and will possess the following additional skills: 

  • The ability to develop careers in academia, research, institutes, government and industry.
  • A broad understanding of current statistical methods and practices in health science.
  • A solid theoretical training necessary for the development and study of new statistical methods. 
  • The ability to assume all responsibilities of a statistician in collaborative health science research. In particular, the graduate will have experience in the design, data management, analysis and interpretation of a variety of experimental and observational studies. 

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