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Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate research assistantships and graduate teaching assistantships are available through the Department of Biostatistics & Data Science.

GRA and GTA slots are limited and highly competitive. While they are primarily for Ph.D. students, limited slots may be available for master's degree students. 

Master's degree GRA students are employed at .40 FTE. This is approximately 16 hours per week, which works out to $29,920 per year, if employed the entire year (26 pay periods). Tuition up to 6 credit hours per fall and spring semesters and 3 credit hours per summer semester plus 50% student fees toward a Master of Science in Health Data Science at KU Medical Center will be covered by the department. 

Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify as a master's degree GRA, the minimum length of employment is a total of 14 pay periods — at least 6 pay periods (3 months) during each fall and spring semester and at least 2 pay periods (4 weeks) during the summer semester. During the term of appointment, the GRA must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress toward a Master of Science in Health Data Science. 

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For additional information about graduate research assistantships, visit Graduate Studies.

GTA and GRA information

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