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Statistical methods are developed and applied to research in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), medicine, industry and business fields, among many others. Statisticians play essential roles in designing the studies, analyzing data, disseminating findings and creating new methods for addressing problems.

As science and technology progress and new ways to measure and collect information become possible, new statistical techniques must be developed and applied. With the breathtaking pace of science and technology, the skills of statisticians are especially in demand because of new advances in STEM and medical fields and in the collection, storage and management of "Big Data."

Our innovative master’s and doctoral degree programs in biostatistics, master’s degree in applied statistics, analytics and data science and our recently formed master’s degree in health data science help meet the ever-increasing demand for statisticians and biostatisticians needed to take leadership roles in academia, government and industry. The course work, seminars and collaborative research experiences have been designed so that our graduates acquire the knowledge and expertise that allows them to work at the frontier of their field.

About our faculty

Our faculty members are active researchers collaborating and consulting in research projects and initiatives throughout the Medical Center, in addition to pursuit of their own research agendas and participation in curricular instruction. Expertise in the department includes linear, nonlinear, and longitudinal modeling, clinical trial and experimental design, survival analysis, categorical data analysis, robust statistics, psychometric methods and Bayesian methodology.

Our mission

The mission of the Department of Biostatistics & Data Science is to provide an infrastructure of biostatistical and informatics expertise to support and enhance the research, service, and educational needs of the University of Kansas Medical Center and its affiliates. The global objectives of the department are as follows:

  • To provide a leadership role in biostatistical and informatics research initiatives across the medical center.
  • To provide the biostatistics and informatics cores for major initiatives.
  • To ensure that researchers have ready access to biostatistical and informatics resources and support.
  • To provide the infrastructure and expertise for centralized and project specific database development, management, and analysis.
  • To consolidate resources pertaining to biostatistics and informatics.
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Recursos en Español

En el Departamento de Bioestadística y Ciencia de Datos de la Universidad de Kansas, estamos buscando estudiantes hispanos con buen nivel académico que quieran hacer el posgrado en bioestadística. Conozca nuestras opportunidades y ayuda financiera.
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"Statistics is the exciting and rapidly-growing science of "learning from data, and of measuring, controlling, and communicating uncertainty."

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