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Honors & Awards

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KU Edwards Campus Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

2021-2022 Jeffrey Thompson, Ph.D.

2019 University of Alabama Honors Day

Inaugural Recipient of the Graduate Award from the Department of Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science in the Culverhouse College of Business - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

Elected Fellow, American Statistical Association

2011 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

2013 - Scott M. Berry, Ph.D. 

2017 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D. 

Excellence in Mentoring Award

2007 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA 

Excellence in Public Health Teaching Award

2007 - Jonathan D. Mahnken, Ph.D. 

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award, University of Kansas Department of Biostatistics & Data Science

2010-2011 - Michael Brimacombe, Ph.D.

2011-2012 - Jo A. Wick, Ph.D.

2012-2013 - Jo A. Wick, Ph.D.   

2013-2014 - Michael Brimacombe, Ph.D.

2014-2015 - Devin C. Koestler, Ph.D.

2016-2017 - Francisco J. Diaz, Ph.D.

2017-2018 - Jianghua (Wendy) He, Ph.D.

PStat® Accredited Professional Statistician, American Statistical Association

2010 - Jonathan D. Mahnken, Ph.D.

2012 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

2013 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D.

2014 - Shana L. Palla, MS

Director's Award: Faculty from the American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance

2013 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D.

2014 - Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., MBA

Research Grant Administrator Award

2011 - Megan Tremblay

Mabel A. Woodyard Fellowship in Neurodegenerative Disorders

2015 - Alex Karanevich, Biostatistics Ph.D. Student

Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute

2015 - Byron J. Gajewski, Ph.D.

BERD Trailblazer Awards


Francisco Diaz, Ph.D.

Byron Gajewski, Ph.D.

Jinxiang Hu, Ph.D.

Jonathan Mahnken, Ph.D.

Milind Phadnis, Ph.D.


Leonidas Bantis, Ph.D.

Prabhakar Chalise, Ph.D.

KU School of Medicine

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Department of Biostatistics & Data Science
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