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Scott M Berry, Ph.D.

Scott M. Berry, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biostatistics & Data Science

President and Senior Statistical Scientist, Berry Consultants LLC.

Professional Background


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  1. Berry SM, Carlin, BP, Lee, JJ, and Mueller, P (2010) Bayesian Adaptive Methods for Clinical Trials, Chapman & Hall.

Education and Training
  • B.S., Mathematics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • M.S., Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Ph.D., Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Licensure, Accreditations & Certifications
  • 2007, Statistics in Sports Award, American Statistical Association
  • 2010, Excellence-in-CE Award Winner, JSM Short Course "Bayesian Adaptive Methods in Clinical Trials," Joint with Don Berry, Brad Carlin and Jack Lee
  • 2013, Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association

KU School of Medicine

University of Kansas Medical Center
Department of Biostatistics & Data Science
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Mailstop 1026
Kansas City, KS 66160