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Faculty Development

Biochemistry Faculty Development

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is committed to help all faculty members succeed in their careers. In addition to the Chair and individual Mentoring Committees, our entire faculty has committed to the development of new faculty members. This includes: establishing a laboratory; identifying potential local collaborators; advising on research projects; preparation of grant applications, and teaching. Our goal is for new faculty to quickly establish research momentum so that progress to tenure and promotion is straightforward and predictable. New faculty should use the list below to facilitate their transition to KUMC.

1.Before starting at KUMC

Follow the instructions on the KU School of Medicine New Faculty On-Boarding program as soon as you sign your offer letter, including but not limited to:

  • Contact Kelly Robertson in Research Institute immediately for complete instructions regarding your lab, policies, grant administration, etc.
  • Health Insurance: coverages does not begin for 60 days from start date ( Human Resources website).
  • Shipment of research animals, if applicable. Contact Laboratory Animal Resources to arrange. Once animals arrive, they are quarantined for approximately eight weeks until they are available for research
  • Purchase startup equipment and supplies. Contact Departmental Grant Accountant Robert Leonard (, 913-588-7063)
  • All other questions contact Departmental Administrator Wendy Baker (, 913-588-7006)

2. After beginning at KUMC

A specific devoted mentoring committee will be established to match your needs.

  • Meet with Departmental Chair to identify research mentors to provide guidance for establishing a reserach program at KUMC
  • Meet with department P&T Chair Ken Peterson (, 913-588-6907) to discuss requirements for promotion
  • Review the KU School of Medicine Mentoring Toward Promotion and/or Tenure program for helpful "at-a-glance" information about promotion and tenture.
  • Meet with research mentors to discuss issues including:
    Complete CHALK training requirements for all laboratory personnel
    Complete Animal Care and Use Protocol application.
    Prior to submission, all LAR Animal training ( must be completed
    If applicable, complete Human Subject Research application
  • Hiring lab personnel; contact your mentor and Wendy Baker (, 913-588-7006)

3. Research Resources


Quick Links

The School of Medicine provides faculty with numerous online resources regarding Promotion and Tenure (P&T), beginning with the Annual Assessment process, so that a faculty member can see at a glance the expectations detailed in the official SOM guidelines. Visit the KU School of Medicine Faculty Mentoring web site for information.

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