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Clinical Studies

Explore previous, current, and upcoming clinical studies from the Department of Anesthesiology at KU Medical Center.

Our researchers lead a variety of investigator-initiated, grant-funded, and industry-sponsored clinical studies spanning a variety of topics in anesthesiology including critical care, pain, perioperative care, and beyond. 

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Recent Clinical Studies

Evaluation of a Minimally Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring Device in Heart Failure Patients in the Cardiac ICU (Argos)
Brigid Flynn

Sympathetic-vascular dysfunction in obesity and insulin resistance (Vit C study)
Seth W. Holwerda

Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation for Hypertension in Patients with Neuropathic Pain (ESCAPE)
Seth W. Holwerda

Improving pain management via spinal cord stimulation and blood pressure reduction (PASSION)
Seth W. Holwerda

Reversing glucose and lipid-mediated vascular dysfunction (REGAL)
Seth W. Holwerda

CHIlled Platelet Study (CHIPS)
Brigid Flynn

ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for 2019 novel Coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease (ECMOCARD)
Brigid Flynn

Opioid Disposal Survey
Aaron LacKamp

Dorsal spInal cord STImulatioN vs mediCal management for the Treatment of low back pain (DISTINCT)
Ted Braun

FACE Lab Research Registry
Andrea Chadwick

CNS amplification in failed L-spine surgery 
Andrea Chadwick

Identifying the Impact of Centralized Pain on Pain Outcomes after Interventional Pain Procedures
Andrea Chadwick

Chronic Opioid Use and Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density
Andrea Chadwick

The BEST Trial: Biomarkers for Evaluating Spine Treatments
Andrea Chadwick

An interventional, Phase III, double-blind, randomized, controlled, parallel-group, multi-site, clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of Qutenza® in subjects with post-surgical neuropathic pain
Talal Khan

Mainstay IDE trial (ReActiv8 Neurostim)
Usman Latif

Postmarket Outcomes Study for Evaluation of the Superion Spacer (PRESS 2)
Dawood Sayed

A 5-year Superion® IDS Clinical Outcomes Post-Approval Evaluation (SCOPE)
Dawood Sayed

Post-market, Randomized, Controlled, Prospective Study Evaluating Intrathecal Morphine (IT) versus Conventional Medical Management (CMM) in the Non-cancer, Refractory, Chronic Pain Population (PROSPER)
Dawood Sayed

A Single-Center Prospective Study Evaluating Efficacy of Radiation Exposure Reduction Protocol for Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD) Techniques
Dawood Sayed

Evaluation of Multi-Tined Expandable Electrode (MEE) Efficacy and Safety in Treatment of Lumbar Facet Arthropathy by Radiofrequency Neurotomies Compared to Conservative Medical Management
Dawood Sayed

ECAP Study: A prospective, multicenter, single-arm study examining ECAP-controlled, closed-loop stimulation with the Evoke Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System to treat patients with chronic pain of the trunk and/or limbs
Dawood Sayed

A Multi-center, Prospective Clinical Registry on a Novel Minimally Invasive Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion Device: PainTEQ Study (SECURE)
Dawood Sayed

ReActiv8 Stimulation Therapy vs Optimal Medical Management: A Randomized Evaluation (RESTORE)
Dawood Sayed

Spinal Cord Stimulation in the treatment of Chronic, Intractable Pain using the Nalu™ Neurostimulation System (nPower™-US)
Dawood Sayed

A Randomized, Single-Blinded, Non-Inferiority Study Comparing AGN1 Local Osteo-Enhancement Procedure (LOEP) SV Kit Treatment of Vertebral Compression Fragility Fractures to PMMA Bone Cement Treatment (STAND)
Dawood Sayed

Clinical Study Of A Micro-Implantable Pulse Generator For the Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (COMFORT)
Dawood Sayed

Ultrasound guided radiofrequency ablation of the occipital nerve
Timothy Sowder

Genetic Analysis of Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Blood for Markers of Tolerance in Cancer Pain
Erin Young

Observational Data Collection Project for Nociception Index
Jared Staab

Intranasal Insulin and neurocognitive function
Frank Weinhold, Adam Reese

Chronic Pain Post-Craniotomy
Adam Reese

Extraocular manifestations of obstructive sleep apnea as a potential screening tool for perioperative complications
Meg Folsom

Cranio-Facial Surgery Perioperative Registry w/Childrens Hosp. Philadelphia
Jennifer Hansen

Mitigating the pro-inflammatory phenotype of obesity (MAPLE)
Seth W. Holwerda

Comparison of reversal of neuromuscular blockade with sugammadex versus neostigmine plus glycopyrolate in patients undergoing burn surgery
Anthony Kovac

Monitored Anesthesia Care in In Burn Dressing Changes
Anthony Kovac

SCS Patient Education
Zohra Hussaini

Has attendance at an AAMC women’s career development program resulted in promotion and leadership positions by KU women faculty
Grace Shih        

Methylglyoxal Evaluation in Humans (MEH)
Doug Wright

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