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Patient Care

Our team of anesthesiologists aim to provide state of the art care with leading edge treatment options to patients across multiple locations.

Anesthesiologist with a patient and their baby

The modern practice of Anesthesiology impacts patients across the entire spectrum of medical and surgical care. Anesthesiologists are considered the medical experts in patient safety before, during and following surgical and diagnostic procedures.

You'll find our Anesthesiologists in the expected areas - the operating room and labor and delivery suites - where we provide patients with comfort, pain relief and life saving perioperative care, but you'll also find us in places that you might not expect. Our highly trained physicians care for patients before and after surgery in the Intensive Care Units, offer consultation and management of medical conditions in preparation for surgery, on the hospital wards bringing technology and expertise in managing post-operative pain to patients after surgery, and in the Marc A. Asher Spine Center and Pain Clinic offering patients with chronic pain leading edge treatment options.

Our large, team based, anesthesia department delivers state of the art care in multiple settings at The University of Kansas Hospital, KU MedWest surgery center, and at the Indian Creek Campus. The scope of our practice includes anesthesia care in preoperative evaluation, operating rooms, obstetrical wards, post operative recovery areas, intensive care units, radiology suites, pain clinics, and multiple treatment areas throughout the coveted Center for Advanced Heart Care.

Center for Neuromodulation

Chronic pain is estimated to affect nearly 100 million Americans. This incidence is greater than that of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Therapies for pain such as traditional surgery and opiate pain medications carry significant risk and oftentimes fail to adequately manage pain. Neuromodulation for pain involves implanted devices that affect the central and peripheral nervous system to effectively manage pain from the disease process such as a failed back surgery, cancer, complex regional pain syndrome, and peripheral neuropathy. Since the implantation of the first spinal cord stimulator by Norman Shealy in 1967, the field of neuromodulation has experienced significant advancement in technology leading to increased effectiveness and an excellent safety profile.

The Center for Neuromodulation for Pain at the University of Kansas Health System is the first center dedicated entirely to advanced neuromodulation techniques for the most difficult and complex pathologies. Our center is led by board-certified Pain Medicine experts who are amongst the leaders nationally in the field of Neuromodulation. The most advanced technologies such as High Frequency Stimulation (HF10), Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG), Burst, and High Density Stimulation are available to our patients. As a leading center dedicated to Neuromodulation for pain, several clinical trials investigating novel treatments are available to our patients not available anywhere else in the region.

Learn more about pain management and the Center for Neuromodulation for Pain at the University of Kansas Health System.

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