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We sent a group to Bhopal, India in 2019 on a medical service trip that resulted in 150 successful surgeries and continued KU's mission of global outreach and education.

India mission trip 2019

India Medical Service Trips

In early 2019, CRNA Jossie Bell and SRNA Hunter Bell participated in a medical service trip to India. The trip was in association with the Medical Missions Foundation.

While working at the Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital in Bhopal, 150 urology and general surgeries were performed. They had a professional journalist/photographer (Maria de la Guardia) join them for a few days and, they had blogger Elizabeth Alex, a local former newscaster, join them s well.

"We worked in the same hospital in Bhopal, stayed at the same guest house, and so we were able to strengthen our relationships with the people of Bhopal. Hunter did pre and post operation care. I had another anesthesia student, Mohit Salanki, and my student from last year (Tularam) there too. It was just wonderful to see him working and be able to teach another anesthesia provider," Jossie said.

The most dramatic case they faced was the removal of a golf ball sized stone from a 9 years old girl's bladder. "She was spectacularly brave," Jossie added.

India mission trip 2018
India mission trip 2018
India mission trip 2018
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