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What is it like to be an anesthesiology resident at KU Medical Center? Learn more about our residency rotation schedule, affiliated programs, and facilities to get a bigger picture. 

Our clinical base year provides excellent exposure to acute inpatient medicine as well as to multiple medical specialties including oncology, cardiology, and nephrology. The year consists of 13 consecutive four-week rotations. Each rotation consists of three weeks of inpatient responsibilities with a one-week flex period, which aims to provide exposure to knowledge and skills applicable to anesthesiology. You will split time during your clinical base year between KU Med and the Kansas City VA Medical Center, which serves our nation's veterans. Both provide extensive opportunity to expand your medical knowledge and provide excellent care to patients from across the region. Toward the end of the clinical base year, you will spend a month with us in the department of anesthesiology, rotating between the operating room and high-risk obstetrics. This is invaluable for easing the transition from intern year to clinical anesthesia.

CBY Anesthesia Resident Rotation will include...

  • 4 week sequences of MICU, NSICU, ER and Anesthesiology
  • Rotations will include general medical-inpatient, renal ward, pulmonary consults and cardiovascular consults
  • Four 1-week rotations in the Pain Clinic
  • One week ENT rotation
  • One week of IHI patient safety and quality improvement

Clinical anesthesia years (CA-1 through CA-3) are primarily spent at KU Medical Center rotating throughout all major surgical disciplines including otolaryngology, gynecology, oncology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and urology as well as general, vascular, plastic, orthopedic, pediatric, cardiothoracic and transplant surgery.

Although we perform many pediatric cases at KU Medical Center on a regular basis, the majority of our pediatric anesthesia exposure is accomplished with a two-month rotation at Children's Mercy Kansas City, an acclaimed pediatric hospital. Care for obstetric patients is a cornerstone of anesthesia, and we get a robust experience both at KU Medical Center and with a six-week rotation at Kansas City's busiest obstetric service at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

"The clinical experience I receive at KU will prepare me well for handling any scenario that may occur in my future practice. I was looking for a program with broad but in depth training, and my professional goals will be met with a post-graduate education from KU."
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