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CRNA Spotlight

Michael Armato: CRNA of the Quarter


I graduated from Truman Medical Center and UMKC School of Nurse Anesthesia in 2018. KU was my first home after graduation.  My wife Kara and I have three kids Nora, Owen, and Ira. 

What inspired you to become a CRNA?

I went into nursing after seeing my mom receive excellent care in the hospital.  I loved the ICU and found CRNAs when I was working there.  I knew CRNA was the job for me. 

You have assisted in radiation monitoring, recruiting and other committees with our CRNA group, why did you choose to serve in this capacity?

 I like being able to help our group.  These are just some the ways I can fill a need. 

If I were a CRNA looking for a job, what would you say to me to encourage me to join the team?

 I was looking for a group that was cohesive and valued a work life balance.  I also wanted to be able to join an OB team.  I enjoy that patient population. 

What in your life are you most proud of?

I could talk for days about my family.   I’m proud of everything they do. 

What do you like to do in your spare time; what are your hobbies?

 I like to travel but the majority of our spare time is spent with kids and their hobbies.  

Nancy Fiscus: CRNA of the Quarter

CRNA Nancy Fiscus and family pose in front of a rocky watering hole
CRNA Nancy Fiscus and family on vacation

In 2008, I was the last graduate of The University of Kansas Nurse Anesthesia Program @ Mt Carmel Hospital in Pittsburg, KS. Primarily, it was a rural, CRNA practice that was initiated with grant funds that strived to meet the need for CRNAs in rural Kansas. We spent the first 7, of the newly 36 month CRNA program (it formerly was 30 months) on campus at the Medical Center in Kansas City, focusing on didactic, and shadowing. I began working at KU in 2016.

What inspired you to become a CRNA?

After completing our family with the adoption of our youngest son, I was inspired to seek new learning opportunities in nursing. I was intrigued by the anesthesia knowledge that had been completely unknown to me. 

What is your advice to those considering CRNA school?  

First, ask yourself, if you can devote more than 36 months of your life to being submerged in a wealth of uncharted knowledge?  Second, are you and your brain prepared to work harder than you thought possible?

What is your personal mantra?

My personal mantra gets me into a lot of trouble: I see the funny side of almost every situation!

What in your life are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the work ethic that our children are developing as they reach adulthood. 

What do you like to do in your spare time; what are your hobbies?

In my spare time, I enjoy scrapbooking photos that celebrate my children’s activities. When I retire, I look forward to visiting my Bucket List Destinations.

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