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Application & Admission

Discover the important information you need to for application to the MD/PhD program at the KU School of Medicine, including application details and financial support.

Highly motivated students with outstanding academic credentials and a strong research interest should apply for the M.D./Ph.D. Physician Scientist Training Program (MSTP). These resources can help you through the application process.

Checklist for Admission

Application for admission is through the MD-PhD Dual-Degree Program Admissions Committee. Acceptance carries simultaneous admission to Graduate Studies and to the School of Medicine. There are no Kansas residency requirements for admission to the M.D./Ph.D. program, and students with exceptional potential as physician-scientists are recruited from around the country. If you are not a US citizen or have a permanent US visa see the School of Medicine guidelines for application.

Submission of Credentials

  • Aug. 31: Deadline for regular submission of application through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Please try to submit before this date.
  • Oct.15: Deadline for late submission of AMCAS application (All items are due within 7 days of this late application).

It takes approximately one (1) month for the KU School of Medicine to receive your application from AMCAS once it is submitted. Additionally, scores for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) may also take one (1) month. If you are submitting your application prior to taking the MCAT, plan accordingly. Apply no later than mid-August.

Follow these steps for proper submission of your credentials:

  1. Select “MD-PhD Dual-Degree Program” on the standard AMCAS application.
  2. Also on the AMCAS application, designate The University of Kansas School of Medicine as a recipient.
  3. Your application will add additional items for our Program that include:
    • Personal Statement
    • Why are you interested in an MD-PhD Program?
    • Describe your research experience(s) to date, including the location and time frame for each, and your research mentor(s).
  4. Submit your scores for Graduate Record Examination (GRE), if you've taken it. GRE is not a required test, but the MCAT is required. MCAT scores should be sent automatically with your AMCAS application. The scores must be within three years. Also if an additional test date will be coming up be sure to put that date on the application.
  5. Download and complete Information for M.D./Ph.D. Physician Scientist Program at University of Kansas Medical Center form (PDF). Submit the form via e-mail to
  6. Make sure at least three (3) letters of recommendation address your dual-degree application. These should be downloaded into AMCAS.
    1. One must be written by your mentor from a prior research experience(s) and give some indication about your potential for research.
    2. The other two letters can be from any person that you select.
  7. Send a $50 check made payable to KUMC MD-Ph.D. Program for the application fee. Mail to:

    MD-Ph.D. Physician Scientist Program
    University of Kansas Medical Center
    3901 Rainbow Boulevard
    1123 Delp - Mail Stop 3062
    Kansas City, Kansas 66160-7700
    Attn: Amy Wolf

    Fee waivers will be granted to those in need upon request.
  8. Email your current curriculum vitae (CV) to
  9. If you require accommodation, please see the resources provided by our Office of Academic Accommodations and contact them for additional information. For information on how to make accommodation requests, please visit the Disability Qualifications for Academic Accommodations website.
  10. For other questions, email Amy Wolf at


If you are selected, you will be invited for interviews in January. During the interview, you will meet with members of the M.D./Ph.D. Admissions Committee, M.D./Ph.D. and Graduate Program Directors, students currently in the program, and research faculty. (Review the research faculty, and create a list of those with whom you'd like to meet.)

The program will cover your basic travel expenses for interviews; details will be provided at the time of the invitation to interview. If you are invited to interview but because of exceptional circumstances cannot make the interview date provided, you may be given an alternative date and considered for admission by the Admissions Committee on an individual case basis. An optional second visit to campus can be arranged if desired.

If you are chosen for an interview, please email a wallet-size digital photo at your earliest convenience to Amy Wolf.

Upon Acceptance

Accepted students must provide an official transcript indicating receipt of a baccalaureate degree from a fully accredited institution by the time of matriculation into the program (and if applicable, transcripts for any post-baccalaureate studies/degrees) to the School of Medicine.

Financial Support

M.D.-Ph.D. Scholarships of $37,400 plus waiver of graduate and medical tuition are awarded to students accepted into the program. For continued receipt of these scholarships, MD-PhD students must be enrolled full-time in the program and maintain the academic standards set forth for students by the Graduate School and the School of Medicine. Financial assistance may also be available through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

The MD/PhD program does not accept DACA students due to the NIH guidelines of the T32 grant that supports the MD/PhD program. DACA students may apply to the MD only program, however they are not eligible for federal financial aid if accepted.

Information on Our Recent Matriculants

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