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White Coat Ceremony

The historic KU School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony recognizes the entry of first-year students into health care and the medical profession.

There's something about that white coat that conveys more than just "doctor." It's a commitment to a challenging career that has the power to save lives and change health trajectories.

Because of its significance to the medical field, the first time medical students wear the white coat needs to be celebrated. And it is.

The school-wide White Coat Ceremony honors the ideals of medical professionalism:

  • Patient interest above physician self-interest
  • Altruism
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Duty and service
  • Honor and integrity
  • Respect for others.
"When I tried on the white coat, immediately as they handed it to me at the Health Education Building, it felt like life was starting all over again! Like I had just opened a completely different book of life than I had before, and I was excited for it."
"To me, the white coat is a symbol of commitment to all of my future patients, becoming the best physician I️ can possibly be, and taking pride and being a positive force in the field of medicine. For my friends and family who have watched me through the trial and error of getting into medical school, I️ think they see the white coat as a symbol of success in being one step closer to my goal of being a physician."
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