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Prerequisite classes for the respiratory care program, and how they meet the KU Core requirements, are listed in brackets following courses below. As courses are constantly being evaluated and approved for inclusion in the KU Core Curriculum, please check for the most up to date course listings which meet each goal.

Students having completed a single combined anatomy and physiology course will need to complete either a second, higher-level anatomy and physiology course, or otherwise take a separate course in physiology only.

KU Core goals 1.1, 5 and 6 will be fulfilled through courses taken during the last two years of the respiratory care program at KU Medical Center.

University of Kansas course numbers are noted below. Equivalent courses from other institutions may be accepted pending transcript evaluation.

Prerequisite Course
Minimum 2.5 overall GPA is required, with a grade of "C" or better on each course. 

KU Course


Basic Sciences

Fundamentals of Human Anatomy w/ lab

BIOL 240 and 241

5 hrs

Principles of Human Physiology w/ lab

BIOL 246 and 247

5 hrs

Basic Microbiology w/ lab 1 (see below)

BIOL 200 and 203

5 hrs

Introduction to Chemistry

CHEM 110

3 hrs

Course to fulfill KU Core goal 3.2 (Physics 114 preferred)

PHSX 114

3 hrs


College Algebra

MATH 101

3 hrs

Elementary Statistics (meets goal 1.2)

MATH 365

3 hrs


English Composition (meets goal 2.1a)

ENGL 101

3 hrs

Critical Reading & Writing (meets goal 2.1b)
or Business Writing

ENGL 102
or BUS 305

3 hrs


Speaker-Audience Communication (meets goal 2.2)

COMS 130

3 hrs


Course to fulfill Goal 4.2 (Western Civilization preferred)

HUM 204

3 hrs

Intro to Philosophy (meets goal 3.1)

PHIL 140 or PHIL 160

3 hrs

Social Sciences

General Psychology (meets goal 3.3)

PSYC 104

3 hrs

Course to fulfill Goal 4.1 (Elements of Sociology preferred)

SOC 104

3 hrs


Medical Terminology

HEIM 230

3 hrs

Introduction to Respiratory Care 2 (see below)

RESP 200

1 hr

Course MCRB 200/203 also accepted for this requirement.

2 The RESP 200 course requirement applies to students entering the program fall 2021 and subsequent classes.

Last modified: May 04, 2020

Prospective Students

Applications are still open for the class beginning fall 2021.

The deadline for priority status was February 1. However, applications may be accepted after that date based on space available in the next class.

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Karen Schell, D.H. Sc, RRT-NPS
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Students currently enrolled on the KU Lawrence campus may also contact the KU Undergraduate Advising Center.

KU Core Requirements

All incoming KU freshmen are required to fulfill the KU Core requirements. The purpose of the KU Core is to establish a University-wide general curriculum for all baccalaureate degrees that meets six primary educational goals. The curriculum provided here has been updated to meet the KU Core requirements for fall 2016.