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In this full-time program, students spend 40 hours each week during the 12-months needed to complete the certificate requirements. Time is divided between classroom courses and clinical instruction.

The Nuclear Medicine Division of the Department of Radiology in The University of Kansas Health System's main hospital performs a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic exams. The student will receive experience in nuclear pharmacy, patient care, imaging of bone, kidney, brain, lung, GI tract and cardiac function, Positron Emission Tomography and an overview of computed tomography. Students benefit from the clinical experiences made possible by The University of Kansas Hospital, the region's premiere academic health center.

Professional curriculum includes patient care, radiation safety and protection, nuclear medicine physics and radiation physics, nuclear instrumentation, math and statistics, radionuclide chemistry and radiopharmacy, departmental organization and function, radiation biology, nuclear medicine in-vivo and in-vitro procedures, radionuclide therapy, computer applications, clinical education, positron emission tomography, medical law and ethics, basic computed tomography, and supervised clinical education.

Course Schedule

Fall semester

NMED 070 Introduction to Nuclear Medicine and Medical Law and Ethics for the Imaging Professional, 3.3 credit hours

NMED 071 Nuclear Chemistry and Physics, 2 credits

NMED 072 Radiopharmacy I, 3.4 credits

NMED 073 Clinical Procedures, 2.4 credits

NMED 074 Radiation Biology and Protection, 1.5 credits

NMED 075 Clinical Internship I, 6 credits

Spring semester

NMED 080 Nuclear Instrumentation, Medical Informatics and Quality Assurance, 2.5 credits

NMED 082 Radiopharmacy II, 1 credit

NMED 083 Clinical Procedures II, 8 credits

NMED 084 Clinical Internship II, 8 credits

NMED 085 Research Methods and Health Administration, 1 credit

Summer semester

NMED 090 Seminar, 2.5 credits

NMED 091 Clinical Internship III, 6 credits

Last modified: May 07, 2021

Prospective Students
The priority deadline to apply to this program is February 1. Applications may be accepted after the deadline based on space available in the next class.

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For more information about graduation rates, costs, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please see the program's gainful employment disclosure.