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Program Overview

The doctorate program in rehabilitation science is designed to prepare suitably qualified individuals for leadership positions in research and academia. A major focus of the program is to advance the science of rehabilitation, and to elucidate the scientific basis for the procedures and processes used in clinical practice.

Katie Siengsukon displays model of human brain

Areas of research emphasis include human and animal studies designed to (1) promote an understanding of the pathophysiology of injury, disease, functional impairment, and associated disabilities, and (2) espouse the rationale for therapies designed to alleviate impaired human function and related physical and mental disabilities.

The program is open to students with a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in any of the relevant sciences.

Applicants to the program do not have to be physical therapists; however, each candidate is encouraged to have a broad background in biological sciences (including anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, biochemistry, genetics, and cellular and molecular biology), calculus, and statistics.

It is expected the equivalent of at least four years of full-time study will be needed to fulfill the requirements for this degree.

special opportunity: T32 grant from NIH for neurorehabilitation research

Scholarship opportunities for incoming students

researcher works with specialized equipment

  • Training Program in Neurological and Rehabilitation Sciences
    Funded by the National Institutes of Health, this program provides interdisciplinary training in translational research in neurorehabilitation. It provides a stipend and training-related expenses for up to three years. Learn more

  • Norton-Ringle Fellowship
    This fellowship provides tuition assistance to top students in the rehabilitation science program. Learn more

Our Mission

To prepare highly qualified, professionally adaptable educators and researchers, and to lead the advancement of rehabilitation science through innovative research, teaching, and service.

KU's doctoral degree program in rehabilitation science does not provide eligibility for professional licensing for employment. As a research program, credentialing for health care practice does not apply to this program.

Last modified: Oct 14, 2020