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Participate in a Study

Photo of research assistant with study subject drawing on tablet screen

The LARRS is currently enrolling volunteers with mild cognitive impairment and healthy control subjects for a study.

Can we detect problems with thinking functions before they emerge in older adults at risk of Alzheimer's disease?

LARRS researchers want to know:
Is it possible to use non-invasive neurophysiological measures as potential markers of subtle cognitive impairments in individuals who are at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease?

Lab team members will record participants' brain waves, pupil dilation, and heart rate with non-invasive tools while engaging in different cognitive tests. This will take two hours. If eligible, participants may be compensated $50 for their time.

Individuals are eligible to participate if meeting the following criteria:

  1. Being cognitively intact or having mild cognitive impairment.
  2. Aged more than 60 years old.
  3. Have no history of other neurological conditions.
  4. Have no problems with eyes or pupils, except for corrective glasses or contact lenses.
  5. Have no cardiac rhythm disorders.


For more information about this study and its goals, please contact Hannes Devos, Ph.D., lab director, at, 913-945-9673 (711 TTY).

The LARRS is currently enrolling commercial truck drivers of any age for a study.

Assessing and Improving the Cognitive and Visual Driving Fitness of Commercial Truck Drivers

What LARRS researchers want to accomplish:
Assess drivers’ cognitive and visual fitness, establish the usefulness and effectiveness of these tests to drivers before embarking on the journey, identify potential risk factors that contribute to unsafe driving, and evaluate the effect of an intervention program to improve reduced visual, cognitive, and driving skills.

The subjects will need to come in for a visual, cognitive and mobility testing evaluation. This will take two hours. The participants will be asked to come in once a year for three years. We will give them useful information, including height, weight, BMI, that will assist them in any concerns we may find.

Results will only be kept with the research team. The goal of this study is to help participants remain safer drivers for longer.

Individuals are eligible to participate if they meet thefollowing criteria:

  1. 18 years of age or older.
  2. Have a valid Commercial Driving License.

Compensation will be provided.

For more information about this study and its goals, please contact Iarina Devos, research coordinator, at, 913-588-7459 (711 TTY).

Last modified: Jun 22, 2020

Activities and Updates

photo of older woman entering driver's seat of a vehicle

With support from a grant from the Parkinson's Foundation, the lab has produced two educational videos. The first video shows practical tips and tricks for older individuals to safely enter and exit a car. The second video shows the portions of a fitness to drive assessment at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

More LARRS updates

LARRS is currently undertaking the Driving Parkinson's Project which is supported by a community grant from the Parkinson's Foundation.

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