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Laboratory for Advanced Rehabilitation Research in Simulation

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Research Focus

Photo of man on C-Mill treadmill

Research at LARRS revolves around two focus areas: (1) virtual reality for mobility and (2) physiology of cognitive workload.

Team members are interested in driving simulation, virtual reality treadmill training, cognitive-motor interference, task complexity, and multimodal cognition. To learn more, read about current research projects in the lab.

Latest Technology

Photo of research assistant with study stubject on balance platform

LARRS makes discoveries that help improve the lives of people.

The lab maintains a driving simulator, a virtual reality treadmill, a balance platform, two eye trackers, an EEG system, and several visual and cognitive screening tools. Go inside the lab to see more.

Clinical Services

photo of two women at driving simulatorThrough the Driving and Mobility Clinic, the team provides services to the community.

Staff provide clinical driving evaluations for patients with visual, cognitive, and behavioral conditions who seek medical clearance to drive. Request a driving evaluation.


The Laboratory for Advanced Rehabilitation Research in Simulation (LARRS) commits to lead the field of rehabilitation science through state-of-the-art research and translation of research findings to improved health practices.


The research team aspires to be one of the front-line laboratories in the United States known widely for excellence in research and rehabilitation using different simulation technologies. For this purpose, an intertwined research and clinical program has been established focusing on mobility in neurological conditions.

The lab's research program is centered on two key areas: (1) the use of virtual reality (VR) technology to evaluate and train mobility deficits in neurological conditions, and (2) the use of physiological measures to explain underlying mobility deficits in virtual reality conditions.

The lab is specialized in VR technology such as driving simulation, VR treadmill, and VR headsets, and in physiological measures collected via eye tracking and electro-encephalogram. The clinical program, housed in the Driving and Mobility Service clinic of the School of Health Professions, renders evidence-based clinical services related to fitness-to-drive in medical conditions. The clinic offers four main services: (1) fitness-to-drive evaluations, (2) advice on car modifications, (3) driving simulator training, and (4) advice on transportation alternatives.

The lab's goals align well with the core research lines of the KU Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science: rehabilitation and health promotion in people with pain or neurological conditions.

Research Collaboration

LARRS team members are currently engaged in projects with top researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Presently, work is underway with the Shelley Bhattacharya, D.O., MPH, FAAFP, William Brooks, Ph.D., Jeffrey Burns, M.D., M.S., Kathleen Gustafson, Ph.D., Sharon Lynch, M.D., Kelly Lyons, Ph.D., Jonathan Mahnken, Ph.D., Jamie Myers, Ph.D., Rajesh Pahwa, M.D., and Catherine Siengsukon, Ph.D., PT.

At the national level, LARRS team members are collaborating with Jacob Sosnoff, Ph.D. (University of Illinois), and Julianne Schmidt, Ph.D. (University of Georgia). Continued long-term international collaborations include the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development, and Networks (Maud Ranchet, Ph.D.), and the University of Osaka (Jason Orlosky, Ph.D.).

LARRS Team Members

Photo of Hannes Devos

Hannes Devos, Ph.D., DRS

Photo of Abiodun Akinwuntan

Abiodun Akinwuntan, Ph.D., MPH, MBA

Photo of Shelley Bhattacharya

Shelley Bhattacharya, D.O., MPH
Affiliate Faculty

Photo of Linda D'Silva

Linda D'Silva, Ph.D., PT
Affiliate Faculty

photo of Chun-Kai Huang

Chun-Kai Huang, Ph.D.
Affiliate faculty

Photo of Jamie Myers

Jamie Myers, Ph.D., RN
Affiliate Faculty

photo of Laurie Steen

Laurie Steen, OTR/L, CEAS I
Driving Evaluations

photo of John Estes

John Estes, MPT
Research Manager

photo of Pedram Ahmadnezhad

Pedram Ahmadnezhad, M.S., PT
Graduate Research Assistant

Photo of Maryam Sadeghi

Maryam Sadeghi
Graduate Research Assistant


  • Alexis Bieker (DPT student)
  • Christopher Denton (MD student)
  • Jordan Eberhardy (DPT student)
  • Rob Gibson (MD student)
  • Erin Holtmeier (DPT student)
  • Kari Hughes (BSBIO student)
  • Payton Lancaster (MD student)
  • Courtney Moore (DPT student)
Last modified: Feb 22, 2021

Activities and Updates

photo of older woman entering driver's seat of a vehicle

With support from a grant from the Parkinson's Foundation, the lab has produced two educational videos. The first video shows practical tips and tricks for older individuals to safely enter and exit a car. The second video shows the portions of a fitness to drive assessment at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

More LARRS updates

LARRS is currently undertaking the Driving Parkinson's Project which is supported by a community grant from the Parkinson's Foundation.

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