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Dual Doctor of Physical Therapy/Master of Business Administration Program

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The University of Kansas offers a dual Doctor of Physical Therapy/Master of Business Administration degree program with an accelerated curriculum that can be completed in 12 semesters.

A partnership between the School Health Professions at KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas, and the School of Business on the main KU campus in Lawrence brings together two existing, highly regarded degree programs to prepare physical therapists for the complicated health finance and management fields with business knowledge and experience.

During the full-time MBA program, students work in small cohorts with individualized attention. Every aspect of the program is designed to advance the student’s individual professional goals and development. Whether it is engaging with corporate executives, starting a private physical therapy practice, or moving into a management position, the MBA will prepare the learner for the world beyond the degree.

Fast Facts

How do I complete the MBA curriculum?
Students will take a break from the physical therapy curriculum after the second year of classes to enter the MBA program. View the curriculum map PDF document icon.

Where are the MBA classes conducted?
Students will enter a one-year cohort of other full-time MBA students in Lawrence, Kansas. Classes are typically held Mondays to Thursdays.

How do I apply?
Students must be accepted into the physical therapy doctoral program in order to enter the master of business administration curriculum. Students may apply with their initial physical therapy application, or during the first year of their physical therapy education.

Is the GMAT required for MBA admission?
No, the GMAT is not required for the dual DPT/MBA degree.

Are there additional scholarships or funding available?
Yes, the dual DPT/MBA currently has designated scholarship opportunities.

How do I learn more?
Please contact the department.

Last modified: Apr 24, 2021