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Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Research Laboratory

Clinical Orthopedic  Rehabilitation and Research Laboratory logoThe Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Research (CORR) Laboratory is committed to providing learning opportunities to students and researchers to study the biomechanical and biochemical factors contributing to low back pain and to advance clinical research in rehabilitation for patients with low back pain.

The lab team is focused on research related to improving lumbar spine surgery outcomes, opioid utilization, phenotyping central sensitization in chronic low back pain, understanding central pain processing, and conservative rehabilitation approaches.

Several non-invasive methods are used to study the musculoskeletal system and central nervous system.

A variety of student research projects are being conducted by the orthopedic research team.

The CORR Lab Team

Neena Sharma Neena Sharma, PT, Ph.D., CMPT
Associate Professor and Director, CORR Laboratory
The focus of Sharma's research is on chronic lower back pain. Using exercise, manual therapy and fMRI assessments, she is exploring possible new treatments for these common and significant impairments.

The CORR Lab provides a collaborative learning environment to young scientists seeking to gain valuable experiences in understanding multifactoral aspects of low back pain and rehabilitation. The lab offers the opportunity to work with established researchers at KU Medical Center. Read about research projects by CORR Lab students.

Research Collaboration

Sharma is currently engaged in projects with other top researchers at KU, both at the KU Medical Center campus and on the main campus in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Individuals with and without chronic low back pain are needed for a current CORR Lab study. Learn how to participate and help researchers develop treatments for chronic low back pain.

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