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Costs, Financial Aid and Scholarships

The cost of education at the University of Kansas is very competitive with similar top programs in occupational therapy. Because the post-professional program is delivered entirely online, all students are considered Kansas residents for the purpose of tuition, regardless of actual physical location, .

Below is an estimate of costs. These figures are based off the KU comprehensive fee schedule. These figures are provided as a guide only and are not an official quote. This information is subject to change by the Kansas Board of Regents and the University of Kansas.

Tuition and fees

Graduate tuition

$421.15 / credit hour

36 credit hours to complete degree


OT course fees

$121.55 / credit hour

36 credit hours to complete degree


E-Learning course fee

$100.00 / credit hour

36 credit hours of curriculum are online


(Online students do not pay campus fees)


 Estimated total


Students in this program are required to have a computer that meets the minimum software and hardware requirements. All costs associated with the computer, including software, service, and repair, are the responsibility of the student.


Jennings Nadine Hardesty Scholarship
This scholarship is available in the form of need-based grants for students currently enrolled in an academic program in the Department of Occupational Therapy Education.

Karen Bloyd Jones Professional Development Award
This award provides direct financial support for students currently in an academic program in the Department of Occupational Therapy Education. It may support participation in national or regional meetings or conferences, research presentations, and/or student leadership opportunities.

Kathlyn ‘Kitty’ Reed Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Dr. Kathlyn ‘Kitty’ Reed established this scholarship to recognize a deserving occupational therapy student for outstanding performance. This is not a self-nominating scholarship. The scholarship committee determines the recipient of this scholarship.

Susan Clark Maffei Scholarship
The Susan Clark Maffei Scholarship is a self-nominating scholarship specifically for Ph.D. or OTD students. Applications will be sent to qualifying students in the spring and awarded the following fall and spring semester.

Andy Thompson Award
Established by the family of a KU OT graduate, the Andy Thompson Award is awarded to a third-year graduating occupational therapy student. This is a self-nominating award. The recipient of this award must possess an interest in serving individuals with traumatic brain injury or psychiatric disabilities. Applications will be sent to qualifying students and the recipient is announced at graduation.

See also: Scholarships for current students offered by the School of Health Professions

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Students should not wait to be accepted into an academic program to begin the financial aid process. Even if the application deadline for the intended program is later in the year, students are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1 priority deadline.

Some financial aid grants and low-interest loans have limited funding. After the priority deadline, any remaining financial aid will be awarded as available.

Even if financial aid will not be requested, students are encouraged to file the FAFSA annually (same timeline as above). The School of Health Professions has scholarship funds available for students based on merit, financial need, or both. The FAFSA enables the school to consider all scholarship funds available. The FAFSA must be completed annually.

The total financial aid award package, including scholarships, loans, or need-based aid, cannot be finalized until the student's application materials and fee have been received and admission to KU has been completed.

Last modified: Jul 20, 2020