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Curriculum and Degree Requirements

This program allows students who possess the appropriate prerequisite course work and an undergraduate degree to pursue a three-year clinical doctorate degree that includes academic, practicum, and fieldwork preparation for professional practice in a variety of occupational therapy settings.

Practicum and fieldwork experiences are offered throughout the Kansas City community, the state of Kansas and, in some cases, in states other than Kansas. Upon completion, students are eligible for the occupational therapist certification examination administered by NBCOT. Only students who have successfully completed the entire three-year program are eligible for this certification exam, which is required for legal employment as a practicing occupational therapist.

Degree requirements

  • All students are enrolled as full-time students, and degree requirements are normally completed within three years of admission to the program. All academic preparation and fieldwork in the professional program must be completed within 4.5 years of the first date of matriculation into the program.

  • Cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of at least a 3.0 for all graduate course work.

  • Successful completion of all courses with the grade of “C” or higher.

  • Successful completion of required Level II fieldwork experiences with the grade of “B” or higher. A part-time optional Level II fieldwork experience will not count toward satisfying this requirement.

  • Successful completion of a minimum of 112 credit hours, including academic course work and fieldwork experiences.

  • Enrollment in a minimum of one (1) credit hour the semester the student will graduate.

  • Successful completion of the courses below.

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  • OTDE 700 Foundations in Occupational Therapy (2 credit hours)

  • OTDE 705 Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology to Support Occupational Performance (3)

  • OTDE 710 Professionalism in Context - I: Interpersonal and Interprofessional (2)

  • OTDE 711 Professionalism in Context II (4)

  • OTDE 715 Occupational Therapy Scholarship - I (2)

  • OTDE 716 Occupational Therapy Scholarship - II (3)

  • OTDE 720 Theory to Practice in Occupational Therapy (2)

  • OTDE 725 Analysis & Adaptation I (3)

  • OTDE 726 Analysis & Adaptation II (4)

  • OTDE 730 Population Health & Wellness (3)

  • OTDE 740 Neuroscience Foundations to Support Occupational Performance (3)

  • OTDE 754 Occupational Performance and Participation Across the Lifespan I (2)
  • OTDE 755 Occupational Performance and Participation Across the Lifespan II (3)

  • OTDE 756 Occupational Performance and Participation Across the Lifespan III (5)

  • OTDE 760 Policy and Advocacy for Occupational Therapy - I (2)

  • OTDE 761 Policy and Advocacy for Occupational Therapy - II (3)

  • OTDE 795 Research Discovery for Occupational Therapy (2)

  • OTDE 815 Supporting Occupational Performance Across the Mental Health Continuum (3)

  • OTDE 845 Research Implementation and Dissemination in Occupational Therapy (4)

  • OTDE 850 Professionalism in Education (2)

  • OTDE 860 Professionalism in Practice I (2)

  • OTDE 861 Professionalism in Practice II (3)

  • OTDE 870 Contemporary Community Engagement (3)

  • OTDE 900 Occupational Therapy Level II Fieldwork - Part I (12)

  • OTDE 901 Occupational Therapy Level II Fieldwork - Part II (12)

  • OTDE 915 Professionalism in Leadership and Administration (3)

  • OTDE 950 Capstone Project Planning (3)

  • OTDE 980 Capstone Dissemination (3)

  • OTDE 990 Capstone Experience (14)

Total Hours: 112

Specific elective courses may be selected to complement the student's program in consultation with the student's academic advisor.

Last modified: Nov 17, 2020

Prospective Students

Campus visit dates for summer 2021 have been completed. Please check back here in late August for opportunities to visit during the fall semester.

About the entry-level OTD program

Applications to this program are accepted Aug. 1–Dec. 1 for the class entering the program the following fall.

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