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Early Decision Application Option


By applying to KU earlier, students that are Kansas residents have the opportunity to receive a decision much sooner. The early-decision application option becomes available approx. midnight CDT on March 15 and ends May 15.

These students will receive their admission decision months before the rest of the class is filled.

Please note: Kansas residency is thoroughly verified during the application process. Moving to Kansas for the purpose of education does not qualify students for Kansas residency.

Interviews for early decision applicants will generally take place during the first half of July rather than the standard schedule interviews in the first half of October.


The early decision application option includes all of the standard eligibility requirements plus the following:

  • Kansas residency is required. This is carefully verified during the application process. Read the full residency requirements at the Office of the Registrar.
  • All five prerequisite courses must be completed at the time of application. Please see details below.
  • Early-decision candidates must have all application materials to KU by May 15.

Admission and Interviews

The program will evaluate all applications received before the deadline and then invite up to 24 students for interviews. After the interviews, up to 12 applicants may admitted into the early decision program. Those students begin classes the Tuesday after Memorial Day in May of the following year.

Applicants that apply for the early-decision option but are found to be ineligible will be notified their application will be put on the standard application schedule.

Students interviewing under the early-decision option, but not admitted to the program, will have their application moved to the standard schedule. An interview during the early-decision process will not count against the two-interview limit for nurse anesthesia applicants. However, only one interview for early decision status is allowed. Early-decision applicants may have the opportunity to be selected again for an interview in October of that same year. 

Prerequisite Courses

All prerequisite courses must be taken at an accredited college/university and be eligible for transfer to the University of Kansas. Classes may be taken at an accredited two-year college. Courses cannot be credit by examination. A Pass grade will not be accepted unless the applicant provides written verification from the institution that the Pass designation is equivalent to a grade of C or higher.

Applicants must possess an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the following classes:

  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Statistics

      Additional information on the admission requirements can be found in the frequently asked questions. Please review this additional information before submitting an application.

      The program accepts applications from registered nurses who meet the admission requirements set forth by the Council on Accreditation and the National Board on Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists, the KU Department of Nurse Anesthesia Education, and the University of Kansas.

      KU seeks a culturally diverse student body and does not discriminate against any group protected by law.

      KU reserves the right to make changes in policy, requirements, tuition, financial aid, and fee structure as the needs of its administration, faculty, students, and conducting or affiliating institutions change. These changes may occur without prior notification. For any questions, and to assure applicants have the most current information available, please contact the program offices.

      Last modified: Mar 12, 2020

      The application window for the class beginning study in summer term 2022 opened March 15.

      Standard application deadline: July 15

      Early-decision application deadline: May 15

      Students begin the program each year on the Tuesday after Memorial Day.

      Questions? Before contacting the office please review the frequently asked questions.

      Due to the events surrounding COVID-19, the office staff are minimally on campus and mostly working remotely at this time. After reviewing the website and FAQs, please send additional inquiries to

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