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Student Life

The study of anesthesia is intense and demanding of intellect and time. Students should expect to devote up to 64 hours per week to requirements including clinical experiences, class time, and study time. Students receive two weeks of discretionary leave annually, and employment is strongly discouraged while attending the program.

The University of Kansas has a long-standing commitment to its students and faculty to provide a safe and healthy educational/work environment. The nurse anesthesia program has developed policies to maintain a conducive, positive and productive environment that is free from the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Students do have a life while in the program and need to balance time as a student with time spent with family and friends. For information about student life on campus:

Our excellence in education is known nationally. The fact that Kansas City is a great place to live is less well known. Metropolitan Kansas City covers four counties in two states and is located in the Central Plains of the United States. It is a large city with the feel of a smaller community. For information about the Kansas City metropolitan area:

REAL ESTATE WITH HONORS is the official off-campus housing listing service offered by the KU Medical Center.

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Last modified: Sep 07, 2018