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Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Awards available specifically to students in the master's program in speech-language pathology at KU.

  • Mahrle Kaw Valley Scottish Rite: a $5,000 scholarship with preference given to students intending to work with children in Kansas after graduation. Awarded to incoming students. In addition to grade-point-average and references, applicants are evaluated on career goals, community engagement, and serving a Kansas community. The $5000 scholarship is split evenly between the fall and spring semester and is applied directly to students' accounts (view details).

  • Salmon Scholarship: available to KU speech-language pathology students who plan to work with adults with communication disorders. Students self-nominate for this scholarship and submit an application after receiving notification from the scholarship committee chair of available funds. Students are selected based on GPA of 3.0, interest in working with adults, and financial need. The award funds are split evenly across the fall and spring terms and are provided to students via check.

  • Lawrence Sertoma Scholarship: $1,000 award available to second-year speech-language pathology students. During Y2S4, students receive notification to self nominate.

  • NE Valley Scottish Rite Scholarship: generally this $500-$2,000 scholarship is available to students entering year two. Preference is given to a student whose family are members of the Scottish Rite. The application includes academic performance, research into pediatric speech-language-hearing development and/or pediatric communication disorders, and career interests related to those areas.

Graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) and graduate research assistantship (GRA) positions available to master's degree speech-language pathology students.

The number and type of these positions in the program vary from year to year (see GTA details and GRA details).

  • Child Development Lab GRA
    KU Medical Center, pending funding. Details will be posted here when available.

  • Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies GRA
    Note: not accepting applications for this position at this time.
  • Measuring Early Communication in Students with Autism project GRA
    KU Lawrence Campus. Preference given to Ph.D. students. Details will be posted if/when position is accepting applications.

Projects and Traineeships.

The number of projects and traineeships vary from year to year. A project-specific application, additional course work, and/or previous training may be required for eligibility. Some examples are listed below.

  • Center for Child Health Development Traineeships, KU Medical Center campus (view details)

  • Juniper Gardens Children's Project offers employment opportunities and postdoctoral research positions for KU students. Located in Kansas City, Kansas, the project began in the mid-1960s when residents of Northeast Kansas City, Kansas, joined with KU faculty to address concerns about child development in a low-income community. Its goal is to improve children's developmental and educational experiences (view details).

  • Project for Interprofessional Preparation in Early Childhood Intervention: An interdisciplinary project for students interested in collaborative, family-centered, inclusive early childhood practices. Funding is up to $28,000 over the course of the master's degree program. Contact Kris Pedersen at for more information.

  • Project Instruct: For students interested in AAC, collaboration, and supporting students with complex communication needs. Financial support includes $19,500 toward tuition/fees for the master's degree program and $1000 for travel to one conference. Application deadline is March 29, 2021 (view details).

Additional Scholarship Opportunities.

  • Graduate Recruitment and Retention Fund: Offered by the College Office of Graduate Affairs which awards programs with a specific amount and number of awards each year.

    Students in the first and second year are welcome to submit a departmental application for this fund; however, the program will prioritize students from historically underrepresented groups.

    The office's advisor for the program or director of graduate studies will provide the departmental application for the award. Students receive notice in the spring term prior to the distribution of the funds. The award amount is variable depending on funds available and number of students chosen to receive it. Funds are split evenly between a fall and spring term and the funds are applied as a scholarship directly to students' accounts.

  • Self Scholarship: the Madison and Lila Self Memorial Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that recognizes outstanding undergraduates from KU who will be transitioning into their first year of a master's or doctoral degree program. The scholarship award provides each recipient with $10,000 for their first year, with half applied to Y1S1 and Y1S2 (view details).

  • Wilber Scholarship: the Allen S. Wilber Scholarship provides funding of up to $10,000 for the study of social sciences or modern languages and literatures at the graduate level. Recipients must complete their undergraduate degree at KU and intend to continue on to graduate study in one of the humanities, social sciences, or international and interdisciplinary studies departments, programs, or centers (details).

Graduate-level speech-language pathology scholarships may also be available through external opportunities (view details).

See also: Scholarships for current students offered by the School of Health Professions

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Students should not wait to be accepted into an academic program to begin the financial aid process. Even if the application deadline for the intended program is later in the year, students are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1 priority deadline.

Some financial aid grants and low-interest loans have limited funding. After the priority deadline, any remaining financial aid will be awarded as available.

Even if financial aid will not be requested, students are encouraged to file the FAFSA annually (same timeline as above). The School of Health Professions has scholarship funds available for students based on merit, financial need, or both. The FAFSA enables the school to consider all scholarship funds available. The FAFSA must be completed annually.

The total financial aid award package, including scholarships, loans, or need-based aid, cannot be finalized until the student's application materials and fee have been received and admission to KU has been completed.

Other Financial Aid Opportunities and Resources

Scottish Rite Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities sponsored by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry are available to students in KU programs who meet the academic and community service requirements. Details

Financial Aid, Awards and Funding Opportunities

Fellowships at the Graduate Level

To be considered for nomination for these highly competitive fellowships, submit a completed graduate application online by the application deadline. Awards are determined on the basis of merit competition.

Employment Opportunities and Federal Work Study

KU and the KU Medical Center offer student employment which could include tuition assistance. For the most current listings, see and Positions through the Lawrence campus may also be found under the Institute for Life Span Studies.

Federal Work Study is a federally subsidized program designed to promote part-time employment of financially eligible students to help avoid excessive debt while in school.

In addition, the university posts many regular employment opportunities for both part-time and full-time positions. These usually do not offer tuition assistance. Search for openings at and/or KU Medical Center's Division of Human Resources.

Student Loans

Please see the Office of Student Financial Aid (KU Lawrence campus) and the Department of Student Financial Aid (KU Medical Center) for information about student loan options.

Through the years, KU alumni and friends have made gifts for the purpose of providing low-interest loans to deserving students. These loans are available to students who are currently enrolled at KU in a degree-seeking program. Grade point average and other requirements apply. Details

Last modified: Feb 23, 2021

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for assessing tuition and fees. Tuition and fee amounts charged by the University of Kansas are approved by the Kansas Board of Regents annually and listed in the Comprehensive Fee Schedule.

See also:

KU Tuition Cost Calculator

Tuition and Fees, Lawrence Campus.

Tuition and Fees, Medical Center Campus

Campus visits for prospective students are available on scheduled days. Online "virtual tours" are also held to allow students to learn more if not able to travel to KU.

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Application deadline

January 5 is the deadline for all materials to be submitted for summer or fall semester admission.

Due to the competitive nature of admission to this program, all materials must be received by the deadline to qualify for consideration. Official transcripts will be requested later during the admission process.