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photo of woman in Auditory Processing Lab

Auditory Processing Laboratory

Mark E. Chertoff, Ph.D., lab director

The long-term goal of this lab group is to develop clinical tools that determine the site and extent of lesions in the peripheral auditory system that creates hearing loss.

photo showing a clinician inserting a device into the ear of a patient

Auditory Research Laboratory

Tiffany A. Johnson, Ph.D., lab director

The goal of research in this lab is to improve the techniques available to audiologists for screening for and diagnosing hearing loss and auditory pathology.  

photo of man reading with boy

Culturally Responsive Early Literacy Intervention

Matt Gillispie, Ph.D., lab director

This clinical training project addresses the personnel needs for speech-language pathologists with knowledge and experiences in early literacy instruction as well as cultural competent services for American Indian/Alaska Native people.

researcher works with equipment

Communication Complexity Scale

Nancy Brady, Ph.D., lab director

These researchers validate and evaluate the Communication Complexity Scale used to describe the communication status of individuals with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities, particularly early in their communication.

photo of Steve Warren with children in background

Fragile X Research Lab

Steve Warren, Ph.D., and Nancy Brady, Ph.D., co-lab directors

Image of Mabel Rice with 2 students

Language Acquisition Studies Lab

Mabel Rice, Ph.D., lab director

This lab strives to increase understanding of young children's language development, particularly children with specific language impairment yet without other developmental disabilities.

lab assistant reading with a boy

Measuring Early Communication in Students with Autism

Nancy Brady, Ph.D., lab director

Scientists are building upon previous research involving the Communication Complexity Scale developed by Brady and colleagues.

Photo of researcher with young child

Reading, Language, and Learning Lab

Mindy Bridges, Ph.D., lab director

This lab conducts research related to reading and language development and disorders in children.

Brumberg in lab with patient and student

Speech and Applied Neuroscience Lab

Jon Brumberg, Ph.D., lab director

Scientists in this lab are focused on better understanding the patterns of neural activity leading to fluent speech production and perception, and how to use that information to create advanced assistive communication devices for individuals with profound motor impairments.

photo of woman reading with young boy

Word and Sound Learning Lab

Holly Storkel, Ph.D., lab director

The research mission of this group is to understand how typically developing children and children with language impairments learn words and sounds by testing predictions of existing theories of language acquisition and by developing evidence-based instructional and clinical practices.

Last modified: Sep 18, 2020

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