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Upon admission, the student and his or her adviser choose a doctoral advisory committee. The committee is responsible for guiding the student’s progress through the selected program of study.

Incoming students who have not completed a substantive graduate research project (e.g., a master’s thesis, Au.D. research project, etc.) must initiate a thesis-equivalent research project, under the direction of a three-member committee, during the first year of enrollment. This project must be completed before the comprehensive oral examination.

Acquiring a doctorate in speech-language pathology or audiology at a minimum requires the following:

  • Completion of academic coursework
    A minimum of 24 graduate hours in a major area of interest
    A minimum of 12 graduate hours in a correlative area
    A minimum of 15 graduate hours in research skills/responsible scholarship

  • Completion of a preliminary research experience

  • Satisfactory performance on annual reviews

  • Satisfactory performance on written and oral comprehensive examinations

  • Satisfactory completion of a dissertation including written and oral prospectus, and written dissertation and oral defense of the dissertation

  • Submission of the dissertation to the KU Office of Graduate Studies

Note that the above are the MINIMUM requirements. Each student’s plan of study will vary depending on entry skills (i.e., relevant knowledge and skills acquired through prior training, work or research experience), chosen specialization, and career aspirations.

Students in this program must meet the general requirements of the university including the research skills and responsible scholarship requirement and fulfill the basic program requirements to receive the Ph.D. degree.

Different entry paths: Students with undergraduate, but not graduate, degree
Students without a master's degree have several options in pursuing the PhD degree. Some decide to pursue a research emphasis plan of study. Others opt to work on clinical certification in the speech-language pathology or audiology programs while also in the PhD program. This combined degree track involves a higher course load. Details may be found in the PhD student handbook.

Students entering the PhD program with a graduate degree will complete the PhD program requirements outlined in the curriculum on this page, with some adjustments based on relevant skills acquired during prior graduate study.

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

Application deadline:
January 5

Although applications may be submitted at any time, January 5 is the deadline for priority status as it aligns with funding and scholarship availability. Students are encouraged to enter the program in the fall semester to align with funding consideration, cohort/orientation events, and program timing.

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