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Clinical Opportunities: Speech

Clinics in the Lawrence, Kan. area

The Schiefelbusch Clinic uses the K-Team Model of clinical teaching. Students participate in practicum as a member of one of the teams listed below during the semester. We use the 3:1 service delivery model in most of our clinical services. This means providing direct services for 3 weeks and indirect services during the 4th week. Services are provided in the Clinic as well as the Oskaloosa Elementary School, homes, and community sites.

Communication and Advocacy Team (CAT)
The CAT team provides services to individuals of all ages who have complex communication challenges related to autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome. The CAT team also provides services to individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication. (Receptive/Expressive Language, Modalities, Social, Articulation/Phonology)

Essential Audiological Reference (EAR)
Students on the EAR team provide comprehensive screening, diagnostic, and rehabilitative audiology services for individuals of all ages. (Hearing)

Facilitating Adult Communication and Swallow (FACS)
This team serves adults with acquired and neurogenic communication and swallowing deficits in the clinic, as well as in client living environments through home health services with the Visiting Nurses Association. (Fluency, Phonation/Resonance, Receptive/Expressive Language, Cognition, Social, Modalities)

Language Acquisition Preschool/Reading Activities Program (LAP/RAP)
The LAP/RAP team provides service through the Language Acquisition Preschool for children 3-5 years old as well as to children and youth with reading and writing difficulties. (Receptive/Expressive Language, Articulation/Phonology, Social)

Language, Literacy & Learning Team (LLL Team)
The LLL Team provides speech, language and literacy services to preschool and school-age children with communication disorders.  The team provides services in a variety of locations including the Schiefelbusch Clinic, Oskaloosa school district, and Little Nations Academic Center at Haskell Indian Nations University. 

Learning through Everyday Activities and Partnerships (LEAP)
The LEAP team provides speech-language services for children from birth through 5 years of age. Early intervention services are provided through home visits for infants and toddlers and their families. Services for children ages 3-5 are provided in several preschool settings in the Oskaloosa School District. (Receptive and Expressive Language, Modalities, Social, Articulation/Phonology and Fluency)

Promoting Access to Communication, Community, & Education (PAACE)
Students on the PACCE team provide school based services to elementary school aged students in the Oskaloosa School District. Additionally, students on the PACCE team partner with children and adults with complex communication needs, including people who use augmentative and alternative communication devices and/or have intellectual disabilities. (Receptive/Expressive Language, Modalities, Social, Articulation/Phonology)

Schiefelbusch Assessment Team (SAT)
The members of the SAT team participate in assessments with individuals of all ages and types of communication challenges. (All nine areas)

Clinics in the Kansas City metro region

The following list indicates the variety of clinical training offered through enrollment in SPLH 864. Some of the sites work with groups and some are on a one-to-one basis. Students may be placed in more than one of these experiences within the same semester. Not all sites are available every semester. In addition to enrollment, a background check is required along with proof of immunizations and health insurance.

Aphasia Group
Conversational skills and compensatory strategies for post-CVA participants in the community (receptive/expressive language, social).

CCHD CARE Clinic, KU Medical Center
Interdisciplinary clinic addresses initial diagnosis of autism and follow-up annual developmental assessments. (receptive/expressive language, social, modalities).

CCHD Developmental Clinic, KU Medical Center
Interdisciplinary clinic assesses the developmental status of children 0-3 years of age.(re4ceptive/expressive language, social, modalities, articulation/phonology).

Children’s Place
Community preschool setting which provides intensive, interdisciplinary diagnostic and intervention services for children (0-5 years) who have been abused or neglected (receptive/expressive language, social, articulation/phonology).

Community Living Opportunities Diagnostic Clinic
Assesses functional communication skills for adults with severe developmental disabilities and provides recommendations for caregivers (modalities, social, receptive/expressive language).

Cranio-Facial and Cleft Palate Clinic, KU Medical Center
Monthly interdisciplinary clinic addresses communication and other related needs of individuals with cleft lip/palates and other cranio-facial anomalies.(phonation/resonance, articulation/phonology, receptive/expressive language).

Adult Diagnostic Clinic, KU Medical Center
Individual clients are assigned for assessment of communication disorders (Receptive/Expressive language, Cognition, Articulation/Phonology, Social).

ALSA Clinic, KU Medical Center
An interdisciplinary clinic with the Neurology Department which addresses the needs of individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  Speech clinicians focus on assessing interval changes in communication and swallowing and recommend compensatory strategies.(swallow, phonation & resonance, modalities).

Ear Nose Throat Clinic, KU Medical Center
Assessment and treatment of phonatory and swallow disorders (phonation & resonance, swallow).

KU Hospital Speech Rehab Services
Assessment and treatment with inpatients on acute care or rehab units. Pre-requisite coursework is required for this assignment (Adult Language Disorders or Closed Head Injury, Motor Speech Disorders, and Dysphagia). (swallow, receptive/expressive language, articulation, cognition, modalities).

Parkinson’s Clinic, KU Medical Center
Diagnostic clinic includes screening the communication and swallow abilities for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. (swallow, phonation & resonance).

Parkinson’s Voice Group, KU Medical Center
Intervention group in the community which focuses on compensatory communication strategies for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. (phonation & resonance).

Pediatric Diagnostic Clinic (KU HealthPartners)
Two clinic sites and various supervisors provide pediatric communication assessments for a variety of communication disorders with the focus on children 0-5 years of age referred by physicians, schools and family members. (receptive/expressive language, modalities, social, articulation/phonology, fluency).

Pediatric Therapy Clinic (KU HealthPartners)
Two clinic sites and various supervisors provide ongoing individual therapy sessions with the focus on children 0-5 years of age. (receptive/expressive language, modalities, social, articulation/phonology, fluency.

Swallow Clinic (KU HealthPartners)
Clinical and instrumental assessments for adults with swallow problems (swallow).

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Opportunities Abound!
Students have many options for which to learn and train in clinical settings, both in the Lawrence area and the Kansas City metro region:

Clinical opportunities:

Clinical opportunities: Speech